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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Neal Cavuto Much More Civil with Ron Paul

Neal Cavuto with Ron Paul Part 1:

Neal Cavuto with Ron Paul Part 2:

The Ron Paul Revolution is certainly affecting Fox News anchor Neal Cavuto. Just tonight Cavuto had Ron Paul on his show talking about his campaign on his Cavuto on Business show. (See videos in two parts above.)

While Cavuto wasn't necessarily supporting Ron and his campaign, he was much nicer to and more positive towards Ron on the air than some of the collectivistic Neo-Con yahoos by which Ron has been interviewed. At the start of the segment, Cavuto congratulates Ron for being listed as GQ Men of the Year in GQ Magazine. Ron said that he didn't know what to make of it, but he said that he was pleased with it.

Cavuto asked Ron some fair questions, right up until Cavuto started to go into it with Ron on foreign policy, the War on Terrorism, and Iraq.

The following exchange went like this:

CAVUTO: What would prompt a President Ron Paul to attack another country?"

Ron answered reluctantly, but did so anyway:

RON PAUL: Well, I would never attack another country if they haven't attacked us. 77 percent of the people now agree with me that we ought to come home, and therefore that's a very, very popular position.

Cavuto, interrupting Ron in mid-thought, then asks him:

CAVUTO: But is there any, any method, sir, to a preemptive strike against someone you know hates you and would probably want to do something to you?

RON PAUL: No, no, I mean, uh..there's

CAVUTO: (interrupts) So you would only react if acted upon?

RON PAUL: Or imminently so. But we never had this in our whole history where somebody was under imminent attack because the president has actually the authority to respond without going to the Congress if you were under attack or if there's an imminent attack.

CAVUTO: So, so on, on World War II, Congressman, would you have intervened then?

RON PAUL: Sure, I mean we were attacked, we went to know, Roosevelt went to the Congress and they had a proper declaration of war. I argue, I argue..

CAVUTO: War included, as you know Congressman, Germany then saying, "We're at war with you now, United States." So it escalated, right?

RON PAUL: And they declared war against us, so...

CAVUTO: And you would react to that and declare war on them.

RON PAUL: Sure, if they declared war against us, this is different - they're going to attack us, you know? Uh, and actually, there was a lot of fighting and sinking of ships even before then.

CAVUTO: Right.

RON PAUL: So, um, no, under the...I'm, I'm as concerned about the process and the rule of law as I am about the issue. They're both very important. But we go to war and we have been going to war since World War II without declarations, and we still have troops in, in Korea, and we lost in Vietnam. And this thing's going to go on for years and years and years. No Republican or Democrat offering a program other than myself of bringing them these troops home very soon and ending this war.

God bless Ron for his principled stand on the war, even despite some of the silly questioning coming from Fox News' own Neal Cavuto.

(Lew deserves great praise for bringing this to light on his blog.)

Texas Subdivision Bars Sex Offenders

A Texan subdivision and its local home owners association have issued a mandate that sex offenders are prohibited from renting or owning homes.

The problem here, of course, is that the subdivision, like it or not, can rightfully prohibit sex offenders from living in the community. It's a private property rights issue, not to mention a case of freedom of association. However, sex offenders have been convicted by the state for mostly non-violent sex crimes (usually with teenage females under the age of 18). While a good handful of them may be pedophiles, the lion's share of them are actually young adult males and older men who made foolish mistakes having sex with female minors, who have been infantilized by the state.

However, it goes without saying that the subdivision is, morally and ethically speaking, in the wrong for discriminating against sex offenders, who have, largely for the most part, made some mistakes. If anything, people who disagree with the subdivision and its discriminatory practice should be free to boycott them at all costs.

(Thanks to Wendy McElroy who, via her website, posted this link.)

Chumpson to Ghouliani: You Don't Represent New York

It's always so amusing to see the statist morons go at it while human liberty dies at an accelerated death. The latest comes from Chumpson who fires the latest volley of barbs at Ghouliani, saying that Mr. "America's Mayor" himself does not represent New York. Case in point: Chumpson slams the former mayor for consistenly supporting government gun control.

Even though I hesitate at the prospect of posting an excerpt of anything that False News says, I make an exception here because it is a valid story:

BRISTOL, N.H. — Fred Thompson said Friday while visiting a New Hampshire gun store that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani should stop bringing up the Big Apple on the campaign trail and criticized him for consistently supporting gun control legislation.

Thompson's popularity in early-voting New Hampshire has sunk rapidly in recent weeks, but his visit to Skip's Gun and Sport Shop to trumpet second-amendment rights could be geared toward libertarian-leaning primary voters in the state.

And the usually laid-back Thompson aimed his tough talk straight at the Republican frontrunner.

'(Giuliani) simply supported just about every gun control legislation that came down the pike. And I just disagree with him on that.... over the years and he's been very outspoken about it. Of course he's not outspoken about it anymore,' Thompson told reporters with a smile. 'It's a major differentiation. He relates everything to New York City ... Well, New York City is not emblematic of the rest of the country.

'And the sentiments of those people in the rest of the country are in support of the second amendment. This is where I've always been ... and I don't think he's ever been,' he said.

As much as I despise Chumpson and his neoconservativesque politics, he makes a salient point about Rudy. That, and the fact that Chumpson's campaign has been on the decline since the last couple of debates in which he appeared.

The Reason Behind the State's Raid on Liberty Dollar

A Liberty Dollar and Ron Paul supporter posits a reason for the state's goons' recent raid on Liberty Services Inc.'s own Liberty Dollar in the op-ed section of the Lodi-News Sentinel. Why did the federal goons go after the company, he inquires? Because of two words: Ron Paul.

Here's a very small excerpt of the op-ed in question:

What is the reason for the raid by the FBI if the company had been operating lawfully for nearly 10 years?

Earlier this year the company began minting two new coins, the 2008 'Peace Dollar' with the words "STOP THE WAR" on the reverse side and the 2008 coin commemorating the presidential campaign of Ron Paul. The Feds just have to stop Representative Ron Paul somehow, since he is the only presidential candidate who is pro-liberty.

Thanks to Free Market News Network for a link to the paper's op-ed page.)

Socialist Fire Fighters to Spy for the State

Fire fighters in many major metropolitan cities are being recruited by the Empire to spy on their neighbors. The worst part of this is this: they don't even need a search warrant for their activities.

Here's the entire Yahoo article on this:

By EILEEN SULLIVAN, Associated Press Writer Fri Nov 23, 5:18 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Firefighters in major cities are being trained to take on a new role as lookouts for terrorism, raising concerns of eroding their standing as American icons and infringing on people's privacy.

Unlike police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel don't need warrants to access hundreds of thousands of homes and buildings each year, putting them in a position to spot behavior that could indicate terrorist activity or planning.

But there are fears that they could lose the faith of a skeptical public by becoming the eyes of the government, looking for suspicious items such as building blueprints or bomb-making manuals or materials.

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Americans have given up some of their privacy rights in an effort to prevent future strikes. The government monitors phone calls and e-mails; people who fly have their belongings searched before boarding and are limited in what they can carry; and some people have trouble traveling because their names are similar to those on terrorist watch lists.

The American Civil Liberties Union says using firefighters to gather intelligence is another step in that direction. Mike German, a former FBI agent who is now national security policy counsel to the ACLU, said the concept is dangerously close to the Bush administration's 2002 proposal to have workers with access to private homes — such as postal carriers and telephone repairmen — report suspicious behavior to the FBI.

'Americans universally abhorred that idea,' German said.

The Homeland Security Department is testing a program with the New York City fire department to share intelligence information so firefighters are better prepared when they respond to emergency calls. Homeland Security also trains the New York City fire service in how to identify material or behavior that may indicate terrorist activities. If it's successful, the government intends to expand the program to other major metropolitan areas.

As part of the program, which started last December, Homeland Security gave secret clearances to nine New York fire chiefs, according to reports obtained by The Associated Press.

'They're really doing technical inspections, and if perchance they find something like, you know, a bunch of RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) rounds in somebody's basement, I think it's a no-brainer,' said Jack Tomarchio, a senior official in Homeland Security's intelligence division. 'The police ought to know about that; the fire service ought to know about that; and potentially maybe somebody in the intelligence community should know about that.'

Even before the federal program began, New York firefighters and inspectors had been training to recognize materials and behavior the government identifies as 'signs of planning and support for terrorism.'

When going to private residences, for example, they are told to be alert for a person who is hostile, uncooperative or expressing hate or discontent with the United States; unusual chemicals or other materials that seem out of place; ammunition, firearms or weapons boxes; surveillance equipment; still and video cameras; night-vision goggles; maps, photos, blueprints; police manuals, training manuals, flight manuals; and little or no furniture other than a bed or mattress.

The trial program with Homeland Security opens a clear information-sharing channel — which did not exist before — between the fire service and Homeland Security's intelligence division.

'We're there to help people, and by discovering these type of events, we're helping people,' said New York City Fire Chief Salvatore Cassano. 'There are many things that firefighters do that other law enforcement or other agents aren't able to do.' He added, 'A normal person that doesn't have this training wouldn't be looking for it.'

Cassano would not discuss specifics, but he did say that some terrorism-related information has been passed along to law enforcement since firefighters and officers began the training three years ago. 'They've had some hits,' Cassano said. 'It's working.'

Separately, the fire services in Washington, D.C., Phoenix and Atlanta have also been receiving terrorism-related intelligence training. Los Angeles County provides intelligence training so firefighters and inspectors can spot dangerous chemicals or other materials that could be used in bombs. And the fire service is also represented in at least 13 state and regional intelligence "fusion" centers across the country — where local, state and federal agencies share information about terrorism and other crimes.

In Washington, the fire service made its first foray into the intelligence world about two years ago, and now D.C. Fire/EMS has access to the same terrorism-related intelligence as the police, said Larry Schultz, an assistant fire chief in charge of operations.

D.C. firefighters and EMS providers are in 170,000 homes and businesses each year on routine calls, Schultz said.

'So we see things and observe things that may be useful to law enforcement,' he said. 'We can walk into your house. We don't need a search warrant.' If an ambulance team shows up at a house and sees detailed maps of the District's public transit system on the wall, that's something the EMS provider would pass along, he said.

'It's the evolution of the fire service,' said Bob Khan, the fire chief in Phoenix, which has created an information-sharing arrangement between the fire service and law enforcement through terrorism liaison officers.

Because firefighters are on the front lines, the fire service needs to know about intelligence that could somehow affect what they do, said Gregory Cade, who as head of the U.S. Fire Administration is the nation's top fire chief.

If, for example, Washington is hosting an International Monetary Fund meeting where there will be a large group of protesters and a truckload of gasoline has been stolen in Baltimore, firefighters need to know about intelligence from overseas that terrorists are trying to make explosive devices out of gasoline, Schultz said.

'Getting appropriate, actionable intelligence is important for a fire chief in deciding what to do and how to allocate resources and to know what's going on,' Cade said. "No one is expecting us to be the analyst person who is sitting down, trying to connect all of this stuff together and determining, 'Oh, yes, this looks like a terrorist plot.' '

But Cade said that until recently, there's been no mechanism for fire departments to share what they learn with law enforcement and intelligence analysts who could use it.

'If in the conduct of doing their jobs they come across evidence of a crime, of course they should report that to the police,' said the ACLU's German. 'But you don't want them being intelligence agents.'

It's of particular concern for communities already under law enforcement scrutiny. 'Do we want them to fear the fire department as well as the police?' German asked.

The Detroit metropolitan area, which has one of the largest concentrations of Arab Americans in the country, does not conduct this type of intelligence training, nor does it plan to. 'That's a touchy area,' said Detroit's deputy fire commissioner, Seth Doyle. Detroit firefighters do receive training about hazardous materials, but not the details that New York and D.C. firefighters are now on the lookout for.

A structural diagram of the Ambassador Bridge, which links Detroit to Canada, materials and literature to make a bomb and a bomb prototype are things firefighters should pay attention to, Doyle said. But the bridge diagram by itself might not be enough. 'I don't want our folks to be put in a position where they're reporting something that creates a situation where there was really no real problem in the first place,' Doyle said.

Jeff Zack, a spokesman for the International Association of Fire Fighters, said the union does not know enough about the training programs to say whether it's a good idea for the country, but the union is concerned that the training be done properly and that this new development does not take away people's rights.

Advocates of the fire service's intelligence role say privacy will not be violated. Homeland Security said if its program with New York is expanded across the country, civil rights and civil liberties training would be included.


On the Net:

American Civil Liberties Union:

Department of Homeland Security:

U.S. Fire Administration:

International Association of Fire Fighters:

(Thanks to Lew for this posting on his blog.)

Santa Accosted and Arrested by Cops in Georgia

A Santa was placed under arrested and accosted by the state's goon squad at a Circuit City store. What is the state's vile charge against him? He was "disturbing the peace."

AUGUSTA, Ga. - 'Let Santa go! Let Santa go,' That's what Circuit City shoppers at the Augusta Exchange were chanting when a local pastor, dressed as Santa Clause, was asked to leave.

Circuit City employees told their District manager, Kim Cavros, that customers in line complained to them, saying Santa was 'disturbing the peace.'

'There was a Santa Clause preaching the gospel out on the corner of the building,' said Cavros.

Wayne Adams was one of the shoppers who saw the guy dressed as Santa,'He never promoted his church...never promoted anything just the nice Christmas season.'

Whether Santa was preaching the gospel or promoting the Christmas season, Richmond County deputies were called and Santa was escorted off Circuit City property.

(Thanks to RRND for its coverage of this.)

On a side note, it was a shopper, not Circuit City, who called the state's goons.

Independent Migrant Rescues Boy in Desert

An independent migrant rescues a boy and his mother in the Arizona desert.

Here's what the entire Yahoo! News article reports:

By TERRY TANG, Associated Press writer Fri Nov 23, 7:51 PM ET

PHOENIX - A 9-year-old boy looking for help after his mother crashed their van in the southern Arizona desert was rescued by a man entering the U.S. illegally, who stayed with him until help arrived the next day, an official said.

The 45-year-old woman, who eventually died while awaiting help, had been driving on a U.S. Forest Service road in a remote area just north of the Mexican border when she lost control of her van on a curve on Thanksgiving, Sheriff Tony Estrada said.

The van vaulted into a canyon and landed 300 feet from the road, he said. The woman, from Rimrock, north of Phoenix, survived the impact but was pinned inside, Estrada said.

Her son, unhurt but disoriented, crawled out to get help and was found about two hours later by Jesus Manuel Cordova, 26, of Magdalena de Kino in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. Unable to pull the mother out, he comforted the boy while they waited for help.

The woman died a short time later.

'He stayed with him, told him that everything was going to be all right,' Estrada said.

As temperatures dropped, he gave him a jacket, built a bonfire and stayed with him until about 8 a.m. Friday, when hunters passed by and called authorities, Estrada said. The boy was flown to University Medical Center in Tucson as a precaution but appeared unhurt.

Cordova was taken into custody by Border Patrol agents, who were the first to respond to the call for help. He had been trying to walk into the U.S. when he came across the boy.

The boy and his mother were in the area camping, Estrada said. The woman's husband, the boy's father, had died only two months ago. The names of the woman and her son were not being released until relatives were notified.

Cordova likely saved the boy, Estrada said, and his actions should remind people not to quickly characterize illegal immigrants as criminals.

'They do get demonized for a lot of reasons, and they do a lot of good. Obviously this is one example of what an individual can do,' he said.

So much for the Neo-Cons' claim that "illegals" are bringing in disease, raping and murdering Americans and eating their dogs, taking away our jobs, and trying to go on the welfare teat.

The Pentagon Does Not List 20,000 Wounded Troops

20,000 troops with serious brain injuries and who require lifetime care are deliberately unlisted by the Pentagon. This is the work of the pro-war collectivists who should donate their personal assets to this action.

Victor Hugo on Ron Paul - A Quote

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come."

Bloomberg TV Interviews Ron Paul

Bloomberg TV's Al Hunt sits down with Ron Paul on his presidential campaign plans, his fundraising activities, the next scheduled "money bomb," war and peace, spending, the federal deficit, taxes, abortion, and neoconservatives and all other cronies in the political arena.

Elizabeth Kucinich: 'My Husband Would Absolutely Consider Running With Ron Paul'

Elizabeth Kucinich, wife of Democratic presidential runner Dennis Kucinich, says that her husband would absolutely consider running on a presidential-vice presidential ticket with Ron Paul. She even goes so far as to say that she has studied monetary policy and is coming onto his side on that issue.

The only troubling aspect of her interview is that she has come out in favor of re-opening the 9/11 investigation. While, as she correctly points out, there are still some unanswered questions about what happened on that day and a healthy dose of skepticism of the government's official story on that entire incident is warranted, it kinda, sorta gives credence to the 9/11 Truthers' claims that the attacks were carried out under the orders of the Bush regime and the destruction of Building 7 of the World Trade Towers was a controlled demolition. Of course, these charges are bogus, because there is no hard evidence that would officially transform their conspiracy theories into facts.

(Thanks to Lew for the link to the interview.)

That's the End of That Campaign! Next?

This latest excerpt of The Real Rudy documentary furnishes a stark, unfavorable portrait of Ghouliani's service as mayor of New York City on 9/11. Some of the people involved in the rescue efforts on that fateful day who appeared in this video are the same people who appeared in the International Association of Fire Fighters video which exposed Mr. "America's Mayor" as a fraud on that day.

(Kudos to Lew for this great video on his blog.)

Be careful in Volusia County, Florida!

In the wonderful county of Volusia in Florida, you will need to be careful if you're carrying more than a couple hundred dollars in cash. When pulled over on I-95 even for a minor offense, Volusia County police are routinely asking drivers how much money they are carrying. What this has to do with speeding or a broken taillight I couldn't tell you. Apparently this is "suspicious behavior."

Under current law, suspicion is all they need to confiscate your property including valuables such as jewelry or even your car. Wow! Now even the police are car-jacking! I'm so proud of our boys in blue! Police car confiscation squads now operate in Louisiana, New Jersey, Alabama, Arizona, California, Texas, and many other states.

If you are pulled over and asked how much money you're carrying, I encourage you to say to the officer (if the cop is male), "I'll tell you if you let me know just how small your penis is!" Okay, that would be a really bad idea but you get my point.

This also old news (back in 1993)but worth mentioning again.

Be careful in Volusia

oops! see above blog.

Now they just take your camera! "Pig" police state in action.

There seems to be an increase of police just taking a camera from someone because, well because nobody is doing anything to protect our rights. I'm just going to give a couple links because they are very self-explanatory.

Here's one in New York.

VA Police

Web cam is "espionage?" Way to go Ghouliani staff

Anyway, some of them are old news but google it. it's starting to be a trend i think.

One more step in our loss of freedom.

Reason's Nick Gillespie and Dave Weigel: Ron Paul Unites Libertarians Too

Reason's Nick Gilespie and Dave Weigel wrote an outstanding Washington Post piece expressing their ardent solidarity and support for Ron Paul and libertarianism. It was a positive one, and, unlike the sneering attacks from a few "libertarian" bloggers in recent days, it provided an optimistic glimpse of the Ron Paul campaign and where libertarianism lies in the future.

I, like Max Raskin of's blog, take issue with their portrayal of Guy Fawkes, who was, by no means, an "anarchist." Seriously, he was a de facto British revolutionary who, with his fellow rebels, conspired to blow up a diabolical totalitarian regime -- a.k.a. England's Parliament -- and attempted to revive Catholicism in England. He and his fellow conspirators wanted to remove the Protestants from power by plotting to kill King James I. What Gillespie and Weigel also fail to note that he fought on behalf of the Spanish Hapburgs and adopted the name Guido (which is what he used to sign after being tortured just prior to his death).

The War Street Journal Smears Ron Paul Supporters

The War...ahem....Wall Street Journal goes out of its way to sandbag Ron Paul supporters in its online edition today. Amy Schatz, the young journalist who penned this piece, has no doubt shot herself in the journalistic foot.

Ms. Shatz, I realize that you need the job, and you probably think that you're never in the wrong, but come on now! You need a reality check for once.

Most people don't seem to understand that political candidates, for the most part, are judged primarily on their platform and record. Ron Paul is obviously no exception to the rule. However, the difference between him and the other top-tiered candidates (like Ghouliani, the Huckster, Chumpson, etc.) is that he has an unimpeachable and unquestionable Jeffersonian record. Can one say the same about the other contenders in the race?

(A thankful nod to James Ostrowski for his mention of this on LRC.)

Police Cars Becoming -- and Looking -- More Aggressive Than Ever

Police cars are starting not only to look more aggressive than ever, but they're also becoming that way more than ever. Chrysler's new Charger is one of the latest of many new cars that is sporting a more-aggressive, bland, boxy look. This latest line-up of the series is challenging Ford for its police clientèle, which happens to be depending on the automaker to produce gaudier, boxier, and more threatening vehicles than the previous incarnations of police cars that have been issued by every police department in the country.

This latest bit of news, conflated with the disturbing reports of totalitarian cops becoming far more abusive with their authority to the public and the exploding rise in police taser ruckuses, underscore a gravely disturbing trend in the law enforcement industry: the more military-esque and more menacing the police goon mobiles, the better.

The squad cars I have seen on the roads these days are more intimidating than ever. Most police departments, and I have noticed this personally, no longer want Crown Victorias or the old-hat, tacky, fuddy-duddy-looking, Elvis-looking mobiles that are still in use in many, if not most, precincts. They want the latest, colorful cars that appear bulky and "muscular" in nature. These toys are becoming more and more popular with police departments everywhere one goes.

As a matter of fact, in southeastern Michigan (which is where I reside), the law enforcement bureaucrats -- and the police precincts -- are employing taxpayer money to spend an enormous fortune on crap like flashy paint jobs and tacky decals, all of which have nothing to do with the police officers' supposed mission "to serve and protect." Furthermore, these precincts engage in completely useless competitions with one another, just to see which department has the best-looking graphics, as if all of that stuff really amounts to anything of value at the end of the day. Then they compete with the above-mentioned older vehicles by showcasing these new tougher cars. Truth be told, this is all for show, as it signifies power, coercion, and authoritarian intentions on their part.

The sad reality is that taxpayers unfortunately stand idly by and allow this collectivistic nonsense to happen. They don't even dare question these atrocities at all. In their minds' eye, where's the incentive to question them? That's exactly how they think. And while they're looking the other way, the police continue with their government-worshipping harassment escapades without so much of a protest from the acquiescing populace.

(Thanks to Karen DeCoster for her cross-posted blog on this matter on LRC and her own blog on her website.)