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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Lew Rockwell Show

First, he started out as president of an educational research think tank named after a libertarian Austrian-British economist. Then, he was an author and blogger of an online popular political commentary website. And now, he's a talk radio show host.

Ludwig von Mises Institute president Lew Rockwell has just launched his new podcast show The Lew Rockwell Show. Each episode of the show is roughly 13 to 16 minutes long, in which he comments on various issues, particularly the state's affairs in every economic, cultural, and social facet of our lives. He also interviews prominent libertarian guests who, with him, will discuss various vile and diabolical acts against all of us committed by the state.

Here's a list of the first three episodes so far:

  • The first podcast -- the "pilot" if you will, which is entitled "The Fed and Friends" -- features Lew talking about what the Fed and the state are doing to our economy. (Running time: 16:12)

  • The second podcast, entitled "The Banks Are Broke," features Lew interviewing monetary/banking economist Joe Salerno who describes in depth the atrocities of the fractional-reserve and thus house-of-cards banking apparatus. (Running time: 13:19)

  • the third podcast, entitled "Who Killed The Constitution?," features Lew interviewing libertarian blogger and author Tom Woods who talks about his new book Who Killed the Constitution?, in which he posits how the Constitution was less libertarian than the Articles of Confederation and why we shouldn't care about it. (Running time: 16:58)

The show is vibrant, inspiring, and raw, not to mention highly eloquent. Lew's voice shows how strong and booming it is, in terms of how he communicates his pro-freedom ideas, although it may come off as somewhat intimidating to other people. His poignant interview and commentary styles are a reflection of how much of a true professional he is in the realm of liberty.

With him as my competition, I'll have to step it up now. Grade: A (I could have gone for A+, but decided against it because Lew's show is a bit too short).