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Friday, May 23, 2008

LP delegate Starchild calls out Mike Gravel

LP activist and convention delegate Starchild calls out Mike Gravel on his support for government education and universal health care. According to IPR, Starchild asked Gravel why he could support "coercive taxation" and yet cling to the core libertarian principle of the non-initiation of force.

Tucker Carlson for President on LP Ticket?

It's now rumored that former conservative MSNBC talk show host Tucker Carlson is seeking a bid for president on the LP banner. Apparently he was making phone polls of LP delegates just to see if there's any room for last-minute LP bids to be entered. Convention delegates are reporting that Tucker is trying to get his name on the roster of presidential candidates.

Although it's an interesting rumor, the likelihood of that happening is quite nil.