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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Be careful in Volusia County, Florida!

In the wonderful county of Volusia in Florida, you will need to be careful if you're carrying more than a couple hundred dollars in cash. When pulled over on I-95 even for a minor offense, Volusia County police are routinely asking drivers how much money they are carrying. What this has to do with speeding or a broken taillight I couldn't tell you. Apparently this is "suspicious behavior."

Under current law, suspicion is all they need to confiscate your property including valuables such as jewelry or even your car. Wow! Now even the police are car-jacking! I'm so proud of our boys in blue! Police car confiscation squads now operate in Louisiana, New Jersey, Alabama, Arizona, California, Texas, and many other states.

If you are pulled over and asked how much money you're carrying, I encourage you to say to the officer (if the cop is male), "I'll tell you if you let me know just how small your penis is!" Okay, that would be a really bad idea but you get my point.

This also old news (back in 1993)but worth mentioning again.


Anonymous said...

Volusia County is in serious money troubles, and I suspect that the word passed on by the "county cronies" to all employees is to get money for the coffers ANY WAY YOU CAN. Case in point: My family has owned a 6 acre piece of property in an agricultural area for 40 years. We went to divide it up into 3 pieces to put a hosue on one of them (one of the children of the original owner) and even though the land is behind a 27 foot wide canal with one crossing (and they won't allow another), they want us to pay $12,000 into a "sidewalk" fund which they said they would use elsewhere on the county. I asked if my horse could ride on sidewalks, but you can guess the answer.
Government run amok. Keep watching the fun as tax revenues go WAY down over the next few years. It is not going to be any fun at all for the greedy slugs. And as a side note, now that we won't build, the county looses $36K of additional income over the next 10 years (they are not just greedy - but stupid, as well!).