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Sunday, November 18, 2007

FBI's Forensic Tests Now Discredited

The FBI's once-widely-accepted-but-now-discredited forensic evidence test used to convict hundreds of criminal defendants sitting in prisons nationwide has now been viewed with skepticism. This is, after all, the same test whose method of convicting defendants who didn't commit any crimes but has been looked upon by the state as criminals is now called into question.

Now that this new revelation has come into public light, isn't it about high time to abolish capital punishment at the federal and state levels, considering evidence of DNA and forensic analysis can be viewed with great suspicion, especially in federal and state drug cases?

The piling of evidence against the vile state and its anti-liberty practices -- all in the name of the War on Terror and the War on Drugs -- epitomizes the need to abolish the Drug War and the WOT.

Let's legalize freedom while we still can. In the immortal words of the Twisted Sister song "We're Not Going To Take It":

We're not going to take it
No, we're not gonna take it
Oh, we're not going to take it...anymore!!!