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Monday, September 10, 2007

Serve Oversalted Burger to Cop, Go to Jail

[Cross-posted at Libertas.]

Now does that seem like an abuse of police power to you? Or doesn't it?

A young lady working at a McDonald's accidentally spilled too much salt on some of the meat. She and a co-worker and her supervisor attempted to wipe the excess salt off before serving the meat in hamburgers. In hindsight, perhaps they should have thrown the meat away but could they have known in advance that they couldn't get enough of the excess salt off? Well, the police officer in question returned to the fast food restaurant complaining that the burger made him sick. He questioned the young lady and then arrested her for 'serving food without regard for the consumer's well-being." Samples of the "tainted" meat were even sent off to the crime lab.

The young lady, Kendra Bull, gets to the heart of the matter: "If it was too salty, why did (Adams) not take one bite and throw it away?" For crying out loud, it's just salt!