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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Huckabee on Leno

Apparently, the Huckster appeared on last night's Leno, which, along with Dave Letterman, had been off the air for eight weeks due to the relentless, never-ending Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. It turns out that he had ticked off the picketing writers because he had crossed the picketing lines to get into the studio for his on-the-air appearance.

The Guild issued a very stern yet bold statement on its website regarding the incident. It stated the following:

"The Writers Guild is disappointed that Mike Huckabee crossed the WGA picket line today at NBC. We welcome the statements of support he has made for striking writers, but we ask him to respect our picket lines in the future and urge the media conglomerates to return to the bargaining table to make a fair deal that will put writers and the entertainment industry back to work."

As much as I despise the Huckster and his evil, lopsided -- not to mention misguided -- positions, he deserved a chance to be heard on the air as much as any political candidate, even if the strikers can't stand his wishy-washy positions on many issues such as the war, the declining U.S. dollar, the health care crisis, etc. Imagine if Ron Paul had crossed those picket lines. Wouldn't the strikers be saying the same thing? However, if it were Billary, Barack, or any of the Democrats appearing on Leno, would they be expressing the same viewpoint? Any chance of a clear case of hypocrisy showing on their political sleeves?

The idiotic strike itself is another story and will be noted here on the blog later. But, as much as I can't stand Mikey himself, he, like any other political candidate, has the right to be heard and has earned a chance to be heard by the public at large.