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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free Talk Live's Ian Freeman In Jail for Questioning the Legitimacy of the System

Free Talk Live host Ian Freeman, formerly Ian Bernard, founder and host of the hit nationally syndicated talk radio show based in Keene, New Hampshire, creator and writer of, and frequent critic of the vile and diabolical state, was arrested yesterday for questioning the legitimacy of the state and its courts, which resulted in a secret trial conducted and not captured on camera. Free Mind TV’s Nick Michelewicz drafted a preliminary report, which has been up since yesterday. It says the following:

**preliminary report**
Active FreeKeene blogger Ian Freeman today helped the Keene District Court prove that it is ready to crack down on non-violent peaceful people today. At least 6 officers of various rank were present in court to try and outnumber the liberty activists. Judge Burke was obviously ready to order Ian’s arrest, and did so less than 45 seconds after entering the courtroom. Ian was then taken to a second room where his supporters could not go with him. He was viewed on closed circuit TV as he continued to question the system and not consent, and drew two further contempt of court charges, all three for 30 days in jail.

Watch for further updates, articles, videos, and more.

Freeman was ordered to show up in court over a couch that was on his property, even though it was on his tenant’s side of the yard. Even though his court appearance was caught on tape, his secret trial wasn’t, and that was deliberate on the part of the statists who were looking for an excuse to separate him from his pro-liberty supporters (many of them being members of the Free State Project) and to make an example of him in the process.

Here’s the video of the initial proceedings against Ian. Notice that, at one point in the video (shown below), the bailiff immediately moves to cuff Ian before the judge even ordered to remand him into custody:

As blogger Manuel Lora pointed out yesterday, this has been all executed to warn the liberty activists that the state is watching you.