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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reason's Nick Gillespie and Dave Weigel: Ron Paul Unites Libertarians Too

Reason's Nick Gilespie and Dave Weigel wrote an outstanding Washington Post piece expressing their ardent solidarity and support for Ron Paul and libertarianism. It was a positive one, and, unlike the sneering attacks from a few "libertarian" bloggers in recent days, it provided an optimistic glimpse of the Ron Paul campaign and where libertarianism lies in the future.

I, like Max Raskin of's blog, take issue with their portrayal of Guy Fawkes, who was, by no means, an "anarchist." Seriously, he was a de facto British revolutionary who, with his fellow rebels, conspired to blow up a diabolical totalitarian regime -- a.k.a. England's Parliament -- and attempted to revive Catholicism in England. He and his fellow conspirators wanted to remove the Protestants from power by plotting to kill King James I. What Gillespie and Weigel also fail to note that he fought on behalf of the Spanish Hapburgs and adopted the name Guido (which is what he used to sign after being tortured just prior to his death).