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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ron Paul vs. Benito Ghouliani

And don't forget: while you're at it, check out Trevor Lyman, the man behind, Tea Party '07, and his newest project Ron Paul's Reading List. :)

National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru on Ron Paul and Libertarianism

The National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru opines on the recent Washington Post op-ed by Reason's Nick Gillespie and Dave Weigel who praised and lent their solidarity for and support to Ron Paul and libertarianism. In the piece, Ponnuru posits the notion that libertarianism has undergone a radical shift, largely thanks to Ron Paul and his devout supporters.

He's right to note this, considering that libertarianism, as Jacob "Bumper" Hornberger and Murray Rothbard once noted, is a political philosophy. Period, end of story. It is not a political movement, nor it was a cultural or lifestyle one as well. One does not have to be religious or anti-religious to be a part of this movement as well as the Ron Paul campaign. Nor does one have to be pro-bourgeoisie or anti-bourgeoisie to be involved as well.

In other words, people of all faiths, values, ideas, and background are welcome not only to be a part of the Ron Paul Revolution and the campaign, but also to be a part of the libertarian movement. It is a "Big Tent" movement all the way around.

So everyone, come to the Ron Paul Revolution and the campaign and the movement -- Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Wiccans, Druids, Gardnerian Wiccans, Celtic Wiccans, all Christians and Pagans, Unitarians, Buddhists, atheists, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Baha'i, agnostics, etc. -- come everyone!

If you're for economic liberty, constitutional government, free enterprise, personal responsibility, peace, tolerance, personal liberty, sound money, you're one of us. No religious test or anti-religious test is required to be a part of this growing grassroots movement.

Ron Paul's Stand on Medical Marijuana

Interestingly enough, here's Billary's pro-medical marijuana-esque, Clintonesque rejoinder:

Poor Old Benito in New Hampshire

It turns out that Benito Ghouliani can't even draw large crowds at his rallies, given his "Kucinich-sized" one in New Hampshire.

The Huckster on the Middle East

The Huckster, the top neocon extraordinaire who's as pro-tax and pro-Big Government as they come, is the most prowar extremist who shows more of his true colors on the issues of foreign policy and the Middle East.

Chumpson Accuses False News of Sandbagging Him

Chumpson blasts the False News Network for sandbagging him. (Of course, this is child's play compared to the potshots taken at Ron Paul by the GOP mouthpieces and talking heads on the vile network.)

(Goddess bless Lew for noting this on the LRC blog.)

A Patriotic YouTube Republican Debate Question

Seeing is believing, especially when you see this video. After you're done watching it, you'll see what I mean.

Just so everyone knows, be on the lookout for Ron Paul to appear on this upcoming Wednesday's CNN/YouTube Republican Debate. It's sure to thrust Ron into a higher level of recognition, popularity, and success. Please don't miss it!

(Thanks, Lew, for this.)

The Huffington Post's Jason Linkins Attacks Ron Paul Peace Blimp

The Huffington Post's Jason Linkins, who's an associate editor for the site, takes a swipe at the latest idea employing a blimp to promote Ron Paul.

Mr. Linkins can poke fun at the idea all he wants, but like all other Paul initiatives, it is bound to happen.

Here's an excerpt of his blather:

The Ron Paul campaign is gearing up to escalate its battle to destroy the U.S. Constitution in order to save it and to otherwise bugger our imaginations with rampaging insanity by taking the fight to the skies! Pictured, at right, is the Paulites latest atrocity: an artist's concept of what would be the Ron Paul Blimp! The Dread Zeppelin! La dirigible unintelligible! It will float from town to town, and, if the description the Paul supporter behind this idea is accurate, confuse the minds of men!

(Out of respect, Lew gets credit for this news leak.)

L.A. Obama Grassroots Organizer Now Support Ron Paul

A Los Angeles Obama grassroots organizer, who founded and ran and goes by the name of Marc Whittmore, has now come over to the good side to support Ron Paul.

(Thanks to Thomas Woods for his post on it.)

Maryland Court Herds Children into Courthouse for Coerced Vaccinations

The never-ending tale continues, as the Medical Industrial Complex and the police state organize to ensure that children are brought into Maryland's Prince George County courthouse like cattle for the purpose of coerced vaccinations.

(Lew threw this story on his blog today.)

Benito Attacks Ron Again

Benito Ghouliani, for all intents and purposes, is at it again. He's going to the mat of slamming Ron Paul again because of his shrinking numbers in New Hampshire, all the while Ron's numbers in the state are skyrocketing by leaps and bounds.

When Ghouliani took his political potshots at Ron in the second GOP debate in South Carolina, I was elated, because it was helping Ron's campaign and shooting Benito in the political foot. I couldn't help but cheer for Paul at the end of the day.

Now the attacks are becoming ugly and pathetic, not to mention on the personal side. We all know that just about anything that comes out of the statist stooge's mouth is untrue, and he'll continue doing that for his own political gain, but it doesn't matter. I'm still cheering it on.

Sooner or later, Benito will find out the truth that the other Neo-Cons have caught on by now: if you smear (or even libel) Ron Paul, it will come back on you. After all, it doesn't undermine Paul's campaign; it undermines yours.

Check out the price that Ghouliani and his shills end up having to pay for their slander of Ron and his devout supporters.

(Thanks to Lew as always.)

A Brothel Owner for Ron Paul

An owner of a Nevada brothel has publicly declared his support for Ron Paul. The interesting thing about it is that he credits his friend MSNBC Tucker host and conservative pundit Tucker Carlson for his interest in the Texan congressman.

Take a gander at an excerpt of the article on this development:

Perhaps nothing better exemplifies the libertarian streak that runs through Nevada than the state's permissive policy on prostitution -- the ultimate expression of the live-and-let-live philosophy.

So, it should be no surprise that the presidential candidate with the purest libertarian bona fides picked up some X-rated support while campaigning in Reno last week.

To be more explicit, Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof declared his support for Republican contender Ron Paul during Paul's campaign swing through the state.

The odd thing about it, however, is that it came about with the help of television news personality Tucker Carlson.

Carlson, who hosts the show 'Tucker' on MSNBC, is traveling with Paul for a magazine article he is writing.

'Dennis Hof is a good friend of mine, so when we got to Nevada, I decided to call him up and see if he wanted to come check this guy out,' Carlson said.

Paul spokesman Jeff Greenspan said Paul's campaign were surprised to see Carlson emerge from a limousine with Hof and two of his celebrity prostitutes to attend the morning's news conference at Lawlor Events Center.

Following the news conference, Hof said he was so impressed that he wanted to start raising money for Paul.

(Thanks to Wendy McElroy for posting this on

The State's Torture and Abuse of 'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis

It is terribly disgusting to see how low this diabolical, vile state has to go in order to coerce the incarcerated accused into admitting to a tax evasion charge. This heinous act is in the form of torture and abuse, which is what Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has alleged against his jailers.

Francis contends that his captors refused to give him blankets and food and had him strapped to a chair for 48 hours during his short stay in the Grady County Law Enforcement Center in Oklahoma. Unsurprisingly, state prison officials are denying the incident in question, claiming that the prison guards never tied him to the chair and denied him food and blankets. They also note that Francis did have an extra blanket in his possession -- one that, according to them, he shouldn't have it in the first place -- and his transfer was delayed because his family discovered the schedule of his move (an act that they claim is a "potential security risk").

Adding insult to injury, a few years ago Francis was arrested in Florida and charged with filming topless underage girls, except that the charge had been found to be bogus. The gals who appeared in the videos apparently lied about their ages (claiming to be 18), and the states' goons tried to go after him on drug trafficking and child pornography charges. They were later thrown out because the judge ruled that the 200 hours of videotaped evidence and other key pieces of evidence didn't "support the allegations."

Of course, Francis and his company Mantra Films were, at one point, being accused of fraud and deceptive marketing practices by falsely advertising to consumers that they were only purchasing a video or DVD and shipped unordered videos and DVDs to their customers without their consent. The federal goons went after him via a court order, mandating that they pay back all the shipping fees "as consumer redress," pay a $500,000 civil pentalty fee, and be barred from a litany of activities addressed in a Justice Department filing on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission. I have no idea if the company actually did this, but the government shouldn't have gone after Mantra Films over the matter. If anything, the consumers could have taken the company to court and demand restitution from the company if they felt Francis snookered them into a deal to which they didn't agree in the first place. Nevertheless, the company was strong armed into agreeing to it, but the move empowered the state to do whatever it wanted, falsely in the name of consumer protection.

The fact that the federal and state goons have total control over our lives and prosecute and convict us on the slightest pretext, as well as charge us with tax evasion, sex offense, and other non-violent crimes, just shows that we are living under a tyrannical, totalitarian, and brutal regime. If it can happen to Joe Francis, it can happen to all and any one of us at any time.

While I personally don't like Joe Francis (the man is an arrogant jerk, not to mention an opportunist), the man has committed no crimes with regards to his tax evasion case. The fact that the state is claiming that he has robbed it of its right to the fruits of his labor that he earned is preposterous. It's the state that has stolen his money from him (as it has done to all of us); it's not the other way around.

The fact that many people opine that he's gotten what he's deserved in prison (in reference to the torture and abuse done to him by his criminal captors) shows that these individuals are sick and see the state as a deity to worship without question.

Hybrid Cars Are A Rip-Off....

....and the people who buy them can't do the math.

(A gracious nod to ACN for its truthful reporting on the hybrid cars that do nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and avert the so-called global warming crisis.)

The REAL Rudy Radios

Here's more on the Real Rudy controversy, with this one video showing the radios that malfunctioned for the firefighters on 9/11, all thanks to Rudy "America's Mayor" Ghouliani.

(Note: some of the actors in the video also appeared in the IAFF video exposing Rudy as a fraud. Some new people who had ties to the NYPD and to the city were also interviewed.)

(Thanks to Jim Ostrowski for making this available for us bloggers.)