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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ron Paul Calls for the Abolition of the Federal Reserve on Glenn Beck

Ron Paul on Fox News' Glenn Beck, making an outstanding and purely moral, philosophical, and financial case for the abolition of the Federal Reserve system. More than that, he calls for a new monetary system.

It's nice to see conservatives like Glenn Beck coming around to the good side, even though Beck, during Ron's presidential campaign, called Ron Paul supporters "terrorists" and accused them of advocating "blowing other people up." Here's an old clip of Beck on his old CNN show back in December 2007 after Paul's money bomb resulted in $4 million raised on December 5, commemorating Guy Fawkes Day:

After 8 years of conservatives supporting a diabolical "compassionate conservative" presidency plagued with igniting a war in Iraq, huge spending deficits, abuses of civil liberties and powers of the Oval Office, and other vile acts associated with the Bush administration, it's amusing that many of them are now turning on the Barack presidency after briefly being chummy with him. Watching them squirm and seeing the errors of their evil ways have been quite interesting, to say the least, although not necessarily enjoyable in any way.