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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jerome Kowalski Mentioned in 911 Call

Apparently, Jerome Kowalski, the 61-year-old man charged with killing his brother Richard and his sister-in-law Brenda, was mentioned in a 911 call that was released to the public.

Here's the details of a WDIV piece that came out today:

DETROIT -- The terror of a son finding his parents dead inside their Oceola Township home is captured in a recently released 911 call.

"Oh my God. What? No. This can't be happening," the couple's son told a 911 operator as he called to report the killing of his parents.

The son of Brenda, 58, and Richard Kowalski, 65, found them shot to death in the kitchen of their home of 20 years on the 5400 block of Lyngre two weeks ago.

'I cannot believe this,' he said in dismay. He repeatedly said they're good people, as he tried to make sense of the situation.

'My dad still has an ink pen stuck in his fingers, like he was writing something. I can't believe this,' he said.

While waiting for the police to arrive, the Kowalskis' son confided in the operator about his family's recent loss of his grandmother a few weeks ago.

After a long pause and sudden realization, he said, 'I wonder if my uncle and him got into a dispute over my grandmother's estate. I bet you my uncle did this.'

Nearly a week later, Livingston County police announced the arrest of Richard Kowalski's brother, Jerome Kowalski of Warren.

The motive for the double slaying was money, said investigators. Jerome was upset that his recently deceased mother left Richard and Brenda Kowalski her inheritance and that he thought by killing them, he would receive the money, police said.

Jerome Kowalski was charged at the 53rd District Court with two counts of open murder and felony firearms in the double shooting of his brother, Richard Kowalski, and his wife, Brenda.

Jerome Kowalski's preliminary exam was scheduled Tuesday, but was adjourned to May 22 at 10 a.m.

If Jerome Kowalski is found guilty, he could face two life sentences in prison.

Jerome Kowalski's Return to Court Today

Accused murder suspect Jerome Kowalski, who was arraigned last week for the murder of his brother Richard and his sister-in-law Brenda, was brought back into court today for a preliminary hearing. It turns out that the hearing has been delayed for a week so that Kowalski's defense attorney Mack Spickard to "make time for additional discovery."

Here's what one source noted on this development:

5/13/08 - The Warren man accused of murdering his brother and sister-in-law in their Oceola Township home was back in court today. However, the exam for 61-year-old Jerome Kowalski was adjourned for one week to allow Defense Attorney Mack Spickard additional time for discovery. The Prosecutor’s office provided Spickard with photographic and video evidence related to the case but stated that more reports are forthcoming and will be provided later. Kowalski is charged with two counts of open murder and a felony firearm charge in the deaths of his brother Richard and sister-in-law Brenda Kowalski. Authorities have yet to release additional details about the case or a motive, except to say that the weapon used was a pistol and a note was discovered at Jerome’s residence by his son after the murders had taken place. Kowalski’s exam conference before 53rd District Court Judge Carol Sue Reader will be held next Thursday at 10:30am. (JM)