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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bernard von NotHaus on Free Talk Live

Liberty Dollar creator and founder Bernard von NotHaus was interviewed by Ian Bernard, Julia Miranda, and Mark Edgington on Friday's airing of Free Talk Live. An edited clip of the show can be found on the talk show's website here.

To sum it up, it was an excellent interview. Von NotHaus, who is still shaken up over the entire raid, was calm and very gentle on the air. He answered each question honestly and did not beat around the bush, even though he may come off to some people as quite blunt. Other than that, he was a real trooper on the air.

He did answer a few questions with the callers on the air, which you can hear in the show's archives and edited clip of the interview. He was very patient and kind with them, taking his time as well.

Overall, the interview was the best one I've ever heard. Kudos go to Mark and Ian for an excellent job they have done.