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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Reason Behind the State's Raid on Liberty Dollar

A Liberty Dollar and Ron Paul supporter posits a reason for the state's goons' recent raid on Liberty Services Inc.'s own Liberty Dollar in the op-ed section of the Lodi-News Sentinel. Why did the federal goons go after the company, he inquires? Because of two words: Ron Paul.

Here's a very small excerpt of the op-ed in question:

What is the reason for the raid by the FBI if the company had been operating lawfully for nearly 10 years?

Earlier this year the company began minting two new coins, the 2008 'Peace Dollar' with the words "STOP THE WAR" on the reverse side and the 2008 coin commemorating the presidential campaign of Ron Paul. The Feds just have to stop Representative Ron Paul somehow, since he is the only presidential candidate who is pro-liberty.

Thanks to Free Market News Network for a link to the paper's op-ed page.)