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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Case of Anti-Ron Paul Discrimination

Lew pointed this out on his blog regarding the YouTube/CNN debate. Considering this was the worst debate ever, it's not a surprise that the debate was rigged...big time!

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
Here are our counts for how long each candidate spoke during the first part of the debate
Romney -- 7:03, during 9 times
McCain -- 5:09, during 4 times
Giuliani -- 5:08, during 9 times
Thompson -- 4:38, during 4 times
Huckabee -- 4:14, during 5 times
Paul -- 3:27, during 4 times
Tancredo -- 2:20, during 4 times
Hunter -- 2:16, during 3 times

One note -- Huckabee did not get a chance to speak until 26 minutes into the debate, and Paul did not get his chance until more than a half hour into the debate.

Ron Paul on TV with Spanish Subtitles

Here's Ron Paul on TV with subtitles in Spanish.

Ron Paul on FOX and Friends

Here's Ron interviewed on FOX and Friends.

More on the Rudy Implosion

Here's a snip of the New York Times' piece on the impending Rudy implosion:

City Said to Have Paid Bills as Giuliani Affair Began

Late in his tenure as mayor of New York, Rudolph W. Giuliani billed tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses to little-known city agencies as he was beginning an extramarital affair, a political Web site reported yesterday.

The report, on the Politico Web site, cited documents obtained under the New York State Freedom of Information Law. But it was unclear from those documents whether Mr. Giuliani allocated those travel costs, from 1999 through 2001, to obscure city offices in an attempt to conceal expenses associated with the relationship or for some accounting purpose.

The administration of Mr. Giuliani’s successor, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, said in 2002, several months after taking office, that the Giuliani administration had kept the budget for the mayor’s office artificially low by paying more than $5 million in salaries through other city agencies. The agencies to which Mr. Giuliani billed the travel expenses were outside the mayor’s office.

The New York mayor always travels with a security detail, and the expenses for the police detectives assigned to protect him are normally paid for by the Police Department when he travels on city business.

Asked about the travel expenses during the Republican presidential candidates’ debate last night, Mr. Giuliani denied any wrongdoing. 'I have nothing to do with the handling of their records,' he said. As far as he knew, he said, the records were handled appropriately.

One of Mr. Giuliani’s chief political advisers, Anthony V. Carbonetti, said earlier yesterday that any suggestion that the former mayor had sought to hide anything was 'nonsense.'

'As far as we are concerned, these are all legitimate expenses incurred by the N.Y.P.D. while performing their duty protecting the mayor,' Mr. Carbonetti said.

Mr. Carbonetti told reporters, 'There was no effort to hide anything — on the mayor’s part definitely because this is stuff he has never seen.'

Ron Paul Keeps Winning

CNN, as much as it hates to admit it, is starting to acknowledge it. See the YouTube video clip above.