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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chumpson to Ghouliani: You Don't Represent New York

It's always so amusing to see the statist morons go at it while human liberty dies at an accelerated death. The latest comes from Chumpson who fires the latest volley of barbs at Ghouliani, saying that Mr. "America's Mayor" himself does not represent New York. Case in point: Chumpson slams the former mayor for consistenly supporting government gun control.

Even though I hesitate at the prospect of posting an excerpt of anything that False News says, I make an exception here because it is a valid story:

BRISTOL, N.H. — Fred Thompson said Friday while visiting a New Hampshire gun store that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani should stop bringing up the Big Apple on the campaign trail and criticized him for consistently supporting gun control legislation.

Thompson's popularity in early-voting New Hampshire has sunk rapidly in recent weeks, but his visit to Skip's Gun and Sport Shop to trumpet second-amendment rights could be geared toward libertarian-leaning primary voters in the state.

And the usually laid-back Thompson aimed his tough talk straight at the Republican frontrunner.

'(Giuliani) simply supported just about every gun control legislation that came down the pike. And I just disagree with him on that.... over the years and he's been very outspoken about it. Of course he's not outspoken about it anymore,' Thompson told reporters with a smile. 'It's a major differentiation. He relates everything to New York City ... Well, New York City is not emblematic of the rest of the country.

'And the sentiments of those people in the rest of the country are in support of the second amendment. This is where I've always been ... and I don't think he's ever been,' he said.

As much as I despise Chumpson and his neoconservativesque politics, he makes a salient point about Rudy. That, and the fact that Chumpson's campaign has been on the decline since the last couple of debates in which he appeared.


Silent Vampyre said...

You have to love the irony in this. Dickhead Chaney has already shot someone and all those jerks want US to give up our guns? Makes perfect sense to me. OH, WAIT! No it doesn't! Tell you what I would give up my personal gun rights for. Bush and his clan members resign, and we get to ransack all their homes/business', record everything they every say, type, or sign. Cameras on them 24/7. Seize all of THEIR guns and ammo. Basically turn the entire Patriot Act on them!