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Saturday, April 4, 2009

WKBK's Pro-Statist Talkback and Its Censorship Practices

Keene, New Hampshire's very own pro-statist Talkback, a political talk radio show hosted by Cynthia Georgina and Paula Phillips on its local radio station WKBK, is now engaging in randomly systematic censorship practices against Free Staters who frequently call into the program to offer anti-state, pro-liberty viewpoints against the political establishment in the town. Georgina, who is a statist serving in the Keene City Council, has espoused her political annoyance with the pro-liberty activists who call in repeatedly because, according to Cynthia:

CYNTHIA GEORGINA: We get caller after caller after caller calling in and saying, 'You're stealing homes, you're stealing homes.' That's not what it is. We are following the law. And that's not stealing homes. And that's where the problem lies.

Not only that, a number of statist callers phoned into the show, complaining about the Free Staters calling into the show for expressing their anti-state views, including one female caller who has once called into the show before and, on today's show, says once again that Ian Freeman and Mark Edge of Free Talk Live should only talk about their views on their show and stay off of Talkback's airwaves.

Georgina and Phillips, who have agreed with these statist callers that the Free Staters should not be allowed on the show's airwaves, allowed me on the air while I was waiting to go on for a few minutes. While I tried to complain about the statist clods who were defaming my fellow liberty activists in the Keene area, Phillips changed the subject about Obama's stimulus package for Michigan, considering I mentioned my name and my home state to the two of them. I didn't want to get into Michigan's economic woes (considering that's not why I called), but I played along wondering where they were going with this.

Basically, I said that Governor Jennifer Granholm (my governor, yes!) was responsible for destroying the state due to excessive taxation, regulations, overspending, and other pro-state machinations. They tried to make it sound like I was favoring companies getting away with not being regulated (although the fact is, they are regulated), and I was merely ignoring her questions because they were off-topic. As I tried to get back on topic about the other callers, Phillips, as the liar she is, claimed, "That's the caller's opinion, not my opinion!" Yet she and Cynthia agreed with the callers who had a beef with us about our calls into the show.

Anyway, here's a widget of the callers and me calling into the show:
The Statist Caller...

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