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Monday, October 1, 2007

Michigan to Citizens: Pay Higher Flat Income and Sales Taxes

Granholm and her collectivistic thugs have finally won their battle to raise the flat income tax and extend the sales tax on services. The shut-down was "averted," although it hasn't really been averted; it's been postponed to a later date, in actuality. What Granholm and her collectivistic thugs in Lansing have done is that they have merely delayed the inevitable -- the impending financial and economic implosion that will eventually engulf Michigan and every obedient, sheeple we call citizens to go with it.

Of course, it's not a surprise that Granholm and her collectivistic stooges are going along with this, but it is troublesome. With the taxes going up and no changes in state government spending and the state's regulatory code, this state will continue to sink further and further into economic ruination.

It's bad enough that it's a one-state depression; it's going to be worse in the months to come.