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This is the official site of Let Liberty Ring, a pro-liberty site for those pro-Liberty activists who want to read a news site that is 100 percent dedicated to the ideals of human liberty, but from a left-libertarian, mutualist, agorist, and voluntaryist perspective. Bloggers who are not left-libertarians are allowed to blog on here but should know that this site is for those of the Kevin Carson, Brad Spangler, and Sheldon Richman persuasion. This is a site for those who want to read and blog about current events and philosophical ideas from the left-libertarian perspective. Let Liberty Ring (LLR) is the left-libertarian answer to Lew Rockwell's blog on the Web.

Here are the contributors to LLR:

Todd Andrew Barnett is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Let Liberty Ring. He is the head honcho that runs the operations of the blog constantly. He currently runs the Freeman Chronicles blog, LLR's sister site, on He is a former columnist for Liberty For All Online Magazine. He has also written op-eds for The Libertarian Enterprise,, and The Nolan Chart website. His interests include making out with his girlfriend, surfing the Net for political and fun activities, movies, music, and many other interests. He is also a practicing Stregan — that is, one who practices an Italian tradition of Wicca. He can be reached at

More contributors' bios and names will be added soon.