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Monday, May 26, 2008

Let's Praise Christine Smith....

....for her objections to and incendiary comments on the LP delegates who nominated a man for president who still favors the War on Drugs and happens to endorse the Fair Tax.

If anyone has a YouTube clip of her complaining to the local Denver media about her removal from the first ballot and her subsequent complaints about Bob Barr getting the nomination, please email it to me.

LP Vice Presidential Second Ballot Results from Denver: Wayne Allyn Root is the LP's Vice Presidential Nominee

Here are the second vice presidential ballot results from yesterday's Denver convention:

Root 289
Kubby 255
Williams 14

Kubby unfortunatey lost by 35 votes, so Root won the ballot by a relatively crucial margin.

There you have! The numbnuts at the Denver convention have nominated a Barr/Root '08 race on the Libertarian ticket.