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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gay Magazine Skeptical of Bob Barr's Claims

Washington Blade, a gay and lesbian magazine which champions gay rights, has published a piece on Bob Barr's alleged about-face on his support for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) bill when he was still in Congress. Furthermore, it even mentions Barr's recent pledge to repeal only a part of the law -- specifically, the part where he says the federal government should get out of the marriage protection business. Of course, that means that he supports the morally-and-politically-bankrupt conservative view of states' rights (that is, states having rights over the individual) as opposed to taking all levels of government out of the entire game once and for all.

Here's a part of the article that should be of interest to pro-liberty groups:

'Barr and his campaign staff declined to answer follow-up questions about the legal chaos that could follow if the part of DOMA that bans federal recognition of gay marriages was repealed, with the rest of the law still intact. … "The response from the campaign staff is we won’t answer hypothetical questions," said Barr’s campaign manager, Russell Verney.'