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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Faux News' Own Public Service Announcement

Hysterical yet par for the course. Faux News is alerting its viewers: "Blogs: Beware of Bias." After all, you must rely only on "objective" bloggers and news sites, ya know, like Faux News.

Ron Paul Winning Michigan GOP Primary?

According to the Detroit Free Press:

It would serve Republicans right if Michigan voters unhappy with this semi-election rocked the political establishment by delivering a primary victory to upstart GOP candidate Ron Paul. It would serve Democrats right if frustrated state voters put Michigan in the GOP column next fall for the first time in 20 years in a presidential race.

Judge Andrew Napolitano vs. Neo-Con John Gibson

False News' Judge Andrew Napolitano and neocon John Gibson duke it out over neocon Bush's War on Terrorism, the state's gross violation of civil liberties, etc. Napolitano wins the argument hands down.

The Huckster on Immigration and Welfare

This is the Huckster giving a speech on immigration and the welfare state during his state's state of the state address.

The Sign of the Times

A tax protestor is, in the eyes of a federal judge, an "economic terrorist," thus receives a large fine ($250,000) and five years in prison.

It's outrageous that a tax protestor would be seen as such, when the state is the true economic terrorist simply by taking his money by force (at the barrel of a gun, that is) and spending it anyway it wants. Nope, it's called public service.

A Libertarian Democrat?

Reason's Damon W. Root outlines a solution to that Donkey Party's political woes: a libertarian Democrat.

Fantastic New Ron Paul Video

This YouTube says it all about Ron. GO RON PAUL!!!

Doctored Ron Paul

Oh, yes, the "fair-and-balanced" network we call False News has been outed as the lying piece of propagandistic garbage that is. It was caught red-handed for tweaking a story about Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, contributing to Paul's campaign coffers.

This just shows the lack of journalistic integrity that is evident in the MSM today, not to mention the neocon kool-aid that the False News talking heads love to drink.

Reagan was called the "teflon candidate," but that honor rightfully goes to Ron Paul. His detractors can sling all the mud at him all they want, but it won't. Why? Because he has such great character. Ron is not only the most libertarian officeholder in congressional history, but he's also the most principled and the most honest and full of absolute integrity. That's what makes him so great and incredible at the same time. Not only that, he's full of goodness and respect, unlike the neocon slime who want to denigrate him in every possible way they can.

Because of the kind and gentle soul Ron is, the statists hate it, and that's what driving them up the wall.

Ron Paul Featured at MSNBC

It's a nice, interesting piece on him on the news site here, although the headline is tacky. But then again, some publicity is good publicity.