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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WSJ's John Fund on Ron Paul

The Wall Street Journal's top Bush brown noser John Fund, who has thumbed his nose at Ron Paul in the past, writes in part today:

While Dr. Paul isn't about to win any GOP primaries this year, he is in solid political shape back home. He has won election six times from his Texas district since 1996. Dr. Broun could have similar electoral success if he sticks by the principles that got him elected and patiently explains to voters his reasons for doing so.

Could it be that the Neo-Cons and their collectivistic, social engineering-loving mouthpieces are finally vexed at the massive popularity of Paul's campaign? Is it possible that they are finally sweating over Ron's political viability on the campaign radar?

Inquiring minds certainly do want to know.

(Thanks goes to Thomas Woods for his posting of this on LRC today.)