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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When Ron Paul rises, brand X calls it sinking

Seems Ron Paul is doing well in the Iowa caucus. John McCain has had his troubles in the nomination fight & his staff in Iowa resigned. Including, Mr. Failure [sp?] who denied Dr. Paul a place in the forum arranged by Iowan's for Tax Relief!

But there is more: Mitt Romney isn't getting a lot of traction for his cash. His poll numbers are not in line with his fundraising. And now we hear that he is dropping the Iowa caucus.

Blogs friendly to the brand X candidates are already lampooning the Iowa caucus.

Why? Because Dr. Paul is doing well with the grassroots of the GOP who are starving for an honest leader to run for the nomination.

So note the denigration of Iowa for Dr. Paul is doing so well therein.