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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Government Study Says Diet Sodas Linked to Heart Disease

The collectivists in the government's own medical research establishment must be on psychotropic drugs when it comes to studying dietary merchandise. According to the latest new study, diet drinks are purportedly linked to heart disease.

These collectivistic, social engineering-worshipping ignoramuses are trying to snooker the public into thinking that a can of soda that has NO sugar and with some flavoring to make it taste like a regular soda is somehow linked to heart disease. They are sticking to this arbitrary and warped bogus claim that one can of diet soda a day will increase your risk of heart disease by 48 percent. Yeah.....right.

Here's a key passage in the piece, which may be of interest to anyone here:

The study's senior author, Dr. Vasan Ramachandran, emphasized the findings don't show diet sodas are a cause of increased heart disease risks. But he said they show a surprising link that must be studied.

Emphasis mine.

But here's the shocking kicker that's been largely ignored by the mainstream press:

"There's too much contradictory evidence that shows that diet beverages are healthier for you in terms of losing weight that I would not put any credence to the result on the diet (drinks)," said Barry Popkin, of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, who has called for cigarette-style surgeon general warnings about the negative health effects of soda.

Susan Neely, president of the American Beverage Association, said the notion that diet drinks are associated with bulging waistlines defies common sense.

"How can something with zero calories that's 99 percent water with a little flavoring in it ... cause weight gain?" she said.

The questions that ought to be asked here are: where are the authors of this "study" getting their information? What research methods did they employ to gather their "findings"? Isn't it more than likely that the government's medical lobbyists and their stooges were behind the fudging of these "findings"?

These anti-sugar zealots and Nazis, with the help of the medical corporatocrats and the entire medical establishment, are doing everything they can to outlaw dietary soft drinks. I bet anyone with a modicum of intelligence $100 that your Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke Plus will either be outlawed in the next several years or heavily taxed and regulated for the "high costs of health care."

What's next? Flavored bottled water? Sugar-free candy? Low fat milk? Hostess Light Cup Cakes and Twinkies?

What's pathetic about this is that too many people truly buy into this malarkey and never question the veracity of these findings or any other findings of any study, whenever they are published and reported by Big Media a.k.a. the government media. Too many Americans take what these studies say for granted and swallow this medical garbage hook, line, and sinker. They accept this nonsense at face value, without taking into account that the creators of these studies are the recipients of federal subsidies (a.k.a. taxpayer money) at the expense of taxpayers.

Anyone with a brain should know that drinking a can of diet soda more than once a day is particuarly not good for them. The best way to lose weight is a well-balanced diet, exercise, and drinking plenty of water (best to have vitamins in them). There are no short cuts when it comes to controlling one's health and weight reduction.

Libertarians, free marketeers, anarcho-capitalists, paleolibertarians, and other advocates of liberty will be wise to ignore the advice dispensed by these medical whackjobs, health groups, and medical corporatocrats.