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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Better angels

While at the Young Republican national convention during the July 4th celebrations we had 37 people with signs for Ron Paul.

NONE of the "brand X" Republicans had anybody with signs. Drivers who honked, waived, gave us up were 20-25% of the traffic. We calculated 1,000 cars per hour. There were four negatives: three anti-Pauline, one pro-Kucinich.

One of the media there interviewed me and I found myself explaining my support for Dr. Paul. It was an epiphany for me.

What has inspired me about Ron Paul is that he does appeal to the "better angels" in us. Of all the candidates running he is the one who most resembles Ronald Reagan's approach to political discourse.

I don't always have that transcendent quality. Ron Paul inspired me to try to appeal to the better and not attack those who I find myself in opposition with.

Of all the good Ron's race is doing, the elevating of the discourse, tone and approach may be, all by itself, the most worthwhile achievement.