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Monday, January 25, 2010

LCL Report's Tarrin Lupo Censored at the Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference

Tarrin Lupo, the highly-popular host of YouTube's purely pro-Liberty news show The Low Country (LCL) Report, was a vendor at the Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference selling jewelry to the C4L staff, members, and the public -- virtually anyone there. He worked the whole table the entire time, never having a chance to see and listen to a single speech by any of the speakers at the event. People who were coming into the area and purchase items from the vendors even didn't know what C4L was.

Sometime during the event, an uninvited crasher who happened to be an anti-Semite showed up making a scene and waving a briefcase. Security came up to him, spoke with him, and sent him on his way. Lupo, who was interviewing someone, happened to have a handycam on his person, filming the incident, even though he missed the first few minutes of the entire matter. Lupo thought the security detail handled the matter very well; thus, no problems at that point whatsoever.

Twenty minutes later the crasher returns, which led to Lupo pulling out his handycam again and filming what was happening at that point. The story would have been over, except that, as Tarrin was filming the altercation between the crasher and the security team, two members of the detail came up to him, harassed him, and ordered him to stop filming.

Here's the video of the incident which shows it in great detail:

The detail sees him filming, so one of the security officers (a bald guy) comes up to Lupo and actually grabs the camera (to the point where he almost confiscates it)and moves it away from the direction where the incident is taking place to where it focuses on him. The bald guy tells Lupo, "It's not gonna be a problem. You can interview me." This happens so that Lupo won't be able to film the uninvited intruder being escorted off the premises. So he becomes distracted long enough by security long enough to the point where the crasher is nowhere to be seen.

[*Note: Watch the video, and you'll see and get an idea of what happened.]

Interestingly enough, Lupo had an interesting private Facebook chat with Steve Bierfeldt, one of the detail, over the matter. Here's the following text of the chat between the two:

tarrin my man, what are you thinking bud?
go on
go on? just asking why you think its good for the movement to have someone shouting racial obscenities at a c4l conference
Ohh I had no problem with you throwing that guy out, I have an issue why you would mess with me
Actually like I said I think you all handled him well
meh, not good for business man. no need to have that on tape. what do you think all the anti liberty folks are going to say? "see, RP supporters are racist" just like the campaign..
So you thought you would be scene as ANTI-racist for throwing a racist out, if anything it would have showed people the oppisite
Crapp i need to proof, I meant seen
i was just interested in your thought process Tarrin
Basically I had no idea I what was going on, but I thought you all would want it on tape incase he attacked your security or something, I was not even going to put it up , but I felt bullied by you guys
Why did you feel I was a threat.

Interestingly enough, this occurred on the same day John Bush filmed his interview with Ron Paul, which entails his question to Paul, a question that asks whether the liberty movement's own congresscritter made a deal to support the incumbent GOP candidates of Texas.

The problem with this incident is that this shows how authoritarian an organization like C4L can be, especially when it censors an citizen journalist who never agreed not to film the entire event, uses the excuse that the organization (which is a political one) is a private organization hosting a private event for its members when the event is shown to the public, and the public can see the activities unfolding at the Sheraton Atlanta (which is where the incident transpired). Furthermore, the group also claims that it is a "private organization" pushing for political change at the state and federal levels when it is a political organization and is not truly a private group by any stretch of the imagination. That is merely a bald-faced lie, because it is a non-profit organization and has been chartered as a corporate entity. (After all, it is a non-profit corporation, which is, like it or not, a creature of the state, not a mythical creature of the "free market.")

Organizations like C4L must be held accountable for their actions. This latest incident is an apotheosis of the need for that accountability.

[H/T to Tarrin Lupo of LCL Report who supplied me this information, posted the video on his YouTube channel, and provided the private chat to me.]

[Update: Tarrin asks me to include a link to his interview with John Bush regarding his video interview with Ron Paul at the event. Here it is in its entirety:]

[Second Update: According to Tarrin, Bierfeldt was the one who ordered the bald guy to harrass him.]