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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ron Paul Caught Selling Out The Liberty Movement In Favor of Neo-Con Lamar Smith's Endorsement for His Re-election Campaign

Dr. Ron Paul, who has been elected to office 10 times in the 14th District of Texas for his ardent defense of individual liberty and Austrian economics, opposition to the Federal Reserve, his opposition to the rising control of Neocons and their support for the Iraq war, and his opposition to a foreign policy of interventionism (namely his opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq), has come out in support of Lamar Smith, a conservative Republican congresscritter in the 21st District.

Here's a YouTube of anarcho-capitalist John Bush at the C4L Regional Conference in Atlanta, Georgia last night, asking why Ron is supporting a Neo-Con:

Katie Wilhite Brewer's quote from Ron Paul's answer to Bush is of the following:

I'm a republican, I made a commitment to support the Republican incumbents in texas. I'm the most independent republican in the GOP but you can only get away with so much independence.

She then replied to that quote with the following:

Wow! There you have it folks. YouTube video will be out soon.

Smith, a Neo-Con who has voted for a resolution calling for the "Use of Military of Force" against Iraq on October 10, 2002 and voted for the bailout for the banks last fall, has a deal with Paul, saying that he will endorse and support Ron's campaign for re-election if Paul returns the favor. The idea is that Ron needs Smith's support, because if he doesn't, then he will lose his seat to a progressive Democratic challenger in the U.S. congressional race. Another reason is that, if Paul doesn't do it, then he will be forced out of the GOP, thus losing his seat on the Finances Services and his seat as a Ranking Member of the Domestic Policy Sub Committee.

A Ron Paul sycophant by the name of Brandon Trent (who sounds more like a GOP loyalist and stalwart in his responses to the irate pro-Liberty activists who were disheartened and disappointed by Ron's statement quoted Katie's Facebook page) tries to justify and rationalizes Paul's decision with the following quote in the comments section of the thread:

Brandon Trent
here's the thing; think rationally for a moment; how much good could Ron Paul do if he is expelled from the party; he would lose his status as a senior member of the Financial Services Committee; including his position as Ranking member of the Domestic Policy Sub Committee.....I'd rather have him in the Republican Party with some clout than out of the Republican Party with absolutely no clout what so ever. Politics is a dirty game; and Im sure Lamar Alexander will in some way return the favor
4 hours ago

Here's a reprint of the original campaign letter sent out on December 30, 2009 to the Ron Paul for Congress supporters:

Congressman Ron Paul
Dear Fellow Texan,

As you know, America faces tremendous problems. I have dedicated my career to fight for solutions, but I need friends in Congress who will help and work with me in these critical times.

That is why I am grateful for the friendship of Congressman Lamar Smith. Lamar Smith is a thoughtful, intelligent leader who keeps his door open to me and is always willing to listen. As the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Smith's word carries a lot of weight on Capitol Hill and I am glad to see he fights to take principled stands on important issues like Healthcare and Cap and Trade.

Congressman Smith made a point of reading both of my recent books, The Revolution: A Manifesto and End the Fed and I enjoyed our discussion. True intellectual exchange has become all too rare in Washington and I appreciated his effort.

Lamar is also one of the true gentlemen in Congress. I value Congressman Smith's thoughtful approach and consider him a true friend. If more leaders in Washington adopted his style of governing, I know we could break down a lot of barriers.

I am proud of my friendship with Lamar Smith. I hope you will consider supporting him in his bid for re-election.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

Interestingly enough Ron Paul Republican congressional candidate Stephen Schoppe expressed his astonishment with the news.

As Schoppe notes in part:

I really respect Dr. Paul but am disappointed with his email since Lamar voted for the $700 billion banker bailout. Compromises like this with Democrats have led to the financial disaster our nation is in today.

(Schoppe also stated that he was "encouraged that his campaign has spurred Lamar Smith to seek an endorsement from Ron Paul.") As he explains:

We must be having an effect if Lamar is kowtowing to Ron Paul

Interestingly enough (although not a surprise), Lew Rockwell has been obviously silent on the matter on his blog.

As far as I'm concerned, as a former Ron Paul 2008 supporter, I'm done with Paul. I have denounced him publicly on Facebook because of his action, which is a straw (more like a hammer) that broke the camel's back. It's obvious that Paul is doing this for political expediency, at a cost of his past support from his devout pro-Liberty base. So much for his principled pro-Liberty political capital that he had been banking for well over a decade.

After all the crap involving the old (not to mention "brush-under-the-rug") racist newsletter controversy, his decision to accept a donation of $500 from neo-Nazi Stormfront leader Don Black at one point during his 2008 presidential campaign, his anti-abortion and anti-illegal immigration records (which show that he's an anti-Liberty zealot on the said issues), his son Rand Paul's support for Gitmo, and GOP senatorial candidate Peter Schiff's defense of the preemptive war doctrine that had long since been established precedent by previous precedents by past presidential administrations (including George W. Bush's), I must wash my hands of Ron Paul and the groups that have long since been associated with him. For a man who takes this anti-Liberty stance in favor of being re-elected because it is just the price we pay for being involved in a dirty game called politics is retching and unconscionable.

That also includes all and any organizations and groups that support and will continue to support Paul, including the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Campaign for Liberty,, the LRC Blog, the Daily Paul, etc.

I wonder what Paul's friend Rockwell will say about this latest fall-out (not to mention how he'll say it). How is he going to spin this mess in Ron's favor? Furthermore, how's he going to defend Paul? If he, Ron, and Paul's ardent defenders are worried about the media fallout over this revelation and the egg on face that will be splattered all over Ron, his congressional campaign, and his entire support base, then perhaps he should have thought about that before he made a vile pact with the political Devil by aligning himself with a congressman who's not even remotely like him.

Enough of this vulgar libertarianism! Down with the state! It's time to work outside the political system. Forget the political beast; it can't be "saved" or "reformed." It's time to throw the baby out with the bath water. And that's especially because the baby happens to be Rosemary's Baby.


Frank G said...

I'm not done with the political system merely because this happened. Yes, I'm disgusted like you are, but I know I can do a better job. That alone means the political system can work.

Thomas L. Knapp said...

That's the problem with trying to be a libertarian in the GOP -- party loyalty and libertarian principle are going to conflict at various times, and you're going to have to choose one or the other.

In 2000, for example, registered Libertarians in two California congressional districts received letters supporting big-government GOP incumbents who faced Libertarian challengers. Three guesses which Texas GOP congresscritter signed those letters.

Todd Andrew Barnett said...


I know. Believe me, I know.

As far as I'm concerned, Paul has become the elephant in the Liberty movement's room. He's like a apartment roommate who pretends to act as though he's your friend and pays for the rent, while, behind your back, doesn't pay the landlord and trash talks you when you're not around.

Since last night, I've washed my hands clean of the entire right-libertarian wing of the movement and have gone entirely to the left side. Of course, I had already done it before Paul pulled this b.s., but this was the huge straw (more like a freakin' hammer) that broke the camel's back.

Ron has been screwing the movement for years. I just didn't want to admit it, but he has. Thanks to pricks like J.H. Huebert, Stephan Kinsella, Karen DeCoster, and Lew Rockwell and the Ludwig von Mises Insitute and their crony donors, Ron's more popular than ever. And quite in a bad way.

I wish I had never supported the man to begin with. I don't know what I was thinking.

You and Wendy were right all along. Thanks, man.

And to answer your last question, it was Paul, wasn't it?

bile said...

Meh. He's a politician and to some extent has to play the game. I'd be more surprised if he's never done this before.

When it comes down to it I'm infinitely less disgusted by Paul than anyone else in Congress. Someone will occupy the 14th District congressional seat and while I don't support the existence of the position, I support him in that position over someone less in agreement with my philosophy.

He has said and continues to say things in Congress and to the public that otherwise we in the liberty movement would never had expected from DC. And for that and those things he will continue to have my support. Just as Kucinich gets my support when he's fighting against US hegemony, the FED and prohibition.

clay barham said...

To turn our country around, we must permit individual interests and not community interests to dominate. Obama, Democrats, socialists, liberals and everyone on the left wants to share the booty from America saying community is most important. SAVE THE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY, found on, tells how America did so well in the first place, and shows us how to repeat the process of regaining our prosperity. America has drifted into meaningless altruism to the point we cannot earn our way back and focusing on individual interests as described so well by Ayn Rand.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of people who just bash others for actions they take, but don't have any alternative, or solutions for how we can fix the real problem. I'll give you credit when you have an answer instead of just bad mouthing people.

memefilter said...

Wow, Todd. Ron's a giant with credibility out the wazoo, and more than anything else I see this as *you* playing petty party politics - as Schoppe couldn't get elected in the TX21 or any other district. Go look at the numbers, he got his clock cleaned last time and will again this time.

For all the talk of "ancap" etc, supporting the LP *as a party*, or any hack candidate who puts on the "libertarian" tag (Bob Barr anyone?) out of some pious "principle" is ludicrous. If you're serious about living free you need to think about REALITY, and not throw your credibility out the window tilting at political windmills.

I'm sure Michelle would love to interview you on this, as she knows quite a bit about LPTX.

Matthew said...

I am rather disappointed by him worrying about losing the support of the Republican party.

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, you may cherish the sweet reflection that your vote is never lost. ~John Quincy Adams

Unknown said...

As I read this post, I was thinking "throwing the baby out with the bathwater; never a good idea" and lo and behold, I laughed out loud when I got to the last sentences in the post.

memefilter, I agree. The writer is tilting at windmills. Reality is what is at stake here, and much as I wish Ron Paul was a White Knight in armor with Libertarian logos emblazoned on it and carrying the Anarcho-capitalist flag as he rides into congress on a rainbow-shitting unicorn, the REALITY is that politics is about groups of people deciding who gets what when and where, all of which implies compromise.

Tearing down the main proponent for the abolition of the Federal Reserve--the greatest enemy extant of anarcho-capitalist free markets--because he is not 'libertarian enough' is an apt description of extremism.

Finally, by saying you are done with the political system in entirety, you are telling me that if and when you and I ever must resolve our differences, it will likely be violent, as there will be no political system against which our disagreement can be resolved. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Todd - you always sound like a sniveling baby...I think you enjoy the least that's what I've gathered in knowing you...You never have anyhting nice to wine..complain...and talk shit...Your a disrupter..and an annoyance....!!!

A_G1RL said...

First, your assumption that he should have been a Jesus without the sins of disagreeing with anything in Toddism cracks me up. Is having a holy cow to worship so important and then finding out it doesn't exist anywhere the source of such anger?
Second, your assertion that he has been killing this movement is laughable as we can all see the REALITY of the massive growth it has enjoyed with his help.
Third, done with ALL of them and the 'etc'? Such group think from a libertarian? Since I can see your purpose wasn't to discuss or gather information then I'm sure none of us will miss you anyway.
Fourth, pulling out that old LAME crap concerning racist things that has so been proven incorrect speaks volumes as to your intent.
Lastly, my opinion of your actions is that you are a Drama Queen that just shot out your own stage lights. Have fun in the dark.

Stephan Kinsella said...

Todd, why would you call me a prick, when we are friend on facebook and I've always been nice to you? Further, why do you call me a Ron Paul supporter? Have you ever seen me write in favor of Ron Paul? In fact, I am not an advocate of electoral politics. In your post above you say YOU were a Ron Paul 2008 supporter. You are the one who apparently believes in the futile, compromising, sell-out activity of electoral politics, and yet you call me a prick, for supporting Paul, when you are the one who has done it and not me? What in the world is wrong with you?

Stephan Kinsella said...

Incidentally, I'm not a right-libertarian. I oppose racism and bigotry, I'm an atheist, and favor gay marriage, for example. But I am certainly not a left-libertarian. Right and left are both evil. We are libertarians. We are neither right not left.

Econoclasta ecuatoriano said...


How is calling Huebert, Kinsella and de Coster consistent with your previous apology to the list they and others like me belong to, for first disclosing private messages (libertarianism fail, of course, private agreements are to be honored without the need for someone with a stick/a State).

Get a grip man, no need to call people "pricks" when they have been kind and embraced you in their email lists, forums, etc. And this is someone from the so called Third World speaking. Try and be a gentleman.

David J. Heinrich said...


Firstly, Ron Paul has done more for the cause liberty than you ever have and probably more than you ever will. He makes people aware of libertarian issues, scrutinizes the Fed, votes "no" on practically everything, and so-on and so-forth.

Secondly, even if you disagree with Rockwell's support of Ron Paul, that is no reason for this slander campaign. There is no need to throw around insults and vulgar language publicly. It does not make you look good. I suppose it is just an extension of various inappropriate behavior that resulted in you being booted off of the Libertarian Forum google group to begin with, such as posting confidential e-mails only meant for that group on the Internet. You admitted that this was wrong, but then said you "didn't care and were not going to apologize". That sounds like a mild case of sociopathy.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would stop in and drop off a truckload of cheese, since there seems to be so much wHine here... Todd, when will you learn that in order to bake a cake, you have to break some eggs? Until there is a libertarian MAJORITY in the political arena, one has to carefully choose who your friends and enemies are in the interest of advancing one's politics and beliefs. Perhaps Dr. Paul has a reason for this alliance that you in your shortsightedness have overlooked. Enjoy the snacks!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Take your whiney friends with you.

Todd Andrew Barnett said...

"Good riddance. Take your whiney friends with you."

How comforting to know that you despise anyone who disagrees with you by making your ad hominem personal.

You have the maturity level of a house fly.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh. So the 'libertarians' have a secret google group...nice.

Anonymous said...

Such impressive investigative journalism from a fat kid living in his mom's basement. I'm glad the comments here are reflective of how the world feels about your idiocy.