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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Happy 2010

Normally, I would write "Happy New Year," as that seems to be a cookie-cutter, traditional action to take. In lieu of that, I'm going to wish everyone a Happy 2010. I'm breaking away from tradition because this is a dawning of a new era, one that entails a stateless society, a return to a real free market (which means an end to this corporate market economy we call "capitalism"), and a move towards real progress, peace, freedom, and prosperity for everyone.

Down with the state! Let's usher in a new era of statelessness. No more governments!! A restoration of true original leftism is needed now more than ever.


Anonymous said...

Todd, what do you mean, the new era "entails" a stateless society?

Anonymous said...

And why are a leftist now? Not listening to "Trembly," are you?

Todd Andrew Barnett said...


"Todd, what do you mean, the new era 'entails' a stateless society?"

I'm referring to a new chapter in the fast-approaching decade that is essentially going to showcase the downfall of the state as we know it. The days of the state, Big Business, government bureaucrats, and their cronies at large are finally becoming numbered. It's simply a matter of time.

C'mon, Stephan. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Why would you even ask such a preposterous question?

Todd Andrew Barnett said...


"And why are a leftist now? Not listening to "Trembly," are you?"

If you're asking whether I'm a "progressive" now (and are worried that I've become a state socialist), Stephan, then you're functionally delusional. (After all, I'm assuming that's the kind of "leftism" you mean when you ask me that preposterous question if that's how you meant it.)

No, I've been shifting to the left-libertarian side, and I've been working that way for a while now. Does that mean I support the "vile, bureaucratic Left"? No. It means that I support the old, original Left that historically entailed Bastiat and Proudhoun - the original advocates of human liberty -- sitting on the left side of the French National Assembly while the mercantilistic, protectionistic, and state-loving, aristocratic-loving statocrats-plutocrats sat on the right side of the assembly.

In short, I side with the original leftists, as exemplified in a commentary entitled "The First Leftist" by Dean Russell that was published on your precious Ludwig von Mises Institute website nearly a year ago.

That's how I've sided with. As for why, did you even bother to read my blog post on it? If so, then you know my reasons for siding with these old leftists.

I don't know who "Trembly," but I'm assuming that was a trick question. Surely you can do better than that kind of a question that doesn't sound so much like a cheap parlor trick.

With that in mind, Stephan, why are you a "rightist"? Listening to Wayne Allyn Root and Larry Elder these days? Or is Glenn Beck starting to sound good to you lately?