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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy, D.R.I.P.

Ted Kennedy, the ubiquitous compassionate "lion of liberalism," is now dead at the age of 77, thanks to his incurable brain cancer. The limousine socialist is now being canonized by the talking heads of MSNBC, CNN, and other socialist-worshipping networks as well as the major print newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and many other state-cheerleading publications.

We are talking about the same vile collectivistic socialist Democratic senator who supported the evil Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its provisions, including Title VII, which transferred the private property of any free enterprise to the ruling domain of the state simply by outlawing discrimination "on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, and national origin." Subsequently, pregnancy, age, and disability discrimination and the prohibition of sexual harrassment were later included in the provisions of the law, which effectively demolished employers' right to discriminate against employees by not hiring them or simply firing them, even if the employees are discriminated on those grounds. It also resulted in the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which intervenes in private employers' right not to hire or to fire employees if they are deemed discriminatory by the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal courts and the U.S. District Courts, and the lower courts and the U.S. Court of Appeal.

He was also responsible for expanding the U.S. intervention in Vietnam in the 1960s. He pushed for evil legislation such as the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (which repealed quotas on national origin, thus restricting and empowering the state's role in the immigration market), the National Cancer Act of 1971 (a vile law which launched the U.S. War on Cancer and mandated that the National Cancer Institute would be subsidized with no incentive to find cures for cancer), and the vile No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 and the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act of 2009. He even voted against the infamous Iraq War Resolution, which is hypocritical considering he backed the Vietnam War and the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, not to mention backed additional Humvees for U.S. troops as a measure to keep them in Iraq.

And, oh yes, let's not forget his infamous involvement in the highly-publicized Chappaquiddick scandal that transpired on the night of July 18, 1969, in which he, in an inebriated stupor, drove his 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 with one of the few women who had worked on his brother Bobby's presidential campaign as a passenger off a bridge into a pond inlet. This vile maniac didn't even bother to save the life of this 28-year-old woman; instead, he swam to safety and never reported the incident until her body was discovered the next day. He only served two months in jail, when he should have served a lot longer than that. Oh, and he was a pathetic alcoholic to boot.

This is the same Kennedy who pushed for the then-estimated $400 billion Medicare Drug Prescription Benefit that he, many Democrats, and the bulk of the Republican congressional leadership wanted. Just prior to his death, he took partisan measures to ensure that Obama's public option would pass.

It doesn't help that his fellow collectivists in the House and the Senate and the major talking heads in the mainstream press and media are canonizing him, as though he were a Catholic saint. Even Obama eulogizes him by asserting that Kennedy was "a colleague, a counselor and a friend" and then extoled him by saying that his "ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws, reflected in millions of lives."

Someone gag me with a spoon, please?

To sum it up, this "lion of liberalism" was all about controlling other people's lives, manipulated his way to avoid criminal prosecution for murder of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and a woman in his brother's campaign, lied to his constituents, and had neither any conscience nor remorse for stealing other people's money.

Goodbye and good ridance to you, Teddy. Just do us a favor: don't rest in peace. Just rest in torment. I hope you get the justice you deserve in the black bowels of political hell. Perhaps you'll end up pleading for mercy to save your soul.

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Brittanicus said...

n ominous pattern is slowly emerging towards an inevitable power play on pushing another amnesty through Congress. We need to take the many consequences into consideration:
1 We already had an enforceable 1986 law to stop the illegal immigrant invasion of our country, but it has been intentionally ignored? So--WHY--are they adamant in passing another immigration law?
2. Most enforcement legislation has been crushed or weakened by many of the politicians we voted into office.
3. That many of our own government members have pandered to the special interest lobbyists and not voters.
4 For decades American taxpayers have been supporting, business welfare, who have never contributed to foreign national workers. That emergency hospitals, must attend any foreign person who enters its doors, illegal or legal? ICE should be on standby and demand who that individual is working for and subsequently make the employer pay instead of the taxpayers.
5. That Democrats are downplaying that the 20 plus illegal immigrant families living here, will not have access to the health care reform package? But are not saying that if a new path to citizenship is enacted, they can automatically get health care?
6. Should a new immigration reform package is passed, what's stopping millions more poor, uneducated people storming the border.
7. Why did Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of the party try to dismantle E-Verify and under fund the border fence, so it was only a single layer instead of two tiers?
8 That E-Verification is working and working well, so no wonder the US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, Cato Institute and a large majority of anti-sovereignty groups have been involved in lawsuits, and questionable appeasement by politicians to kill the any enforcement laws.

9. Why are we still inviting around a million new immigrants a year, when their are about 15 million jobless Americans? My health care experience was mainly in England, Germany and 15 months in Australia and prior to the mass European immigration invasion was positively first class. FIRST CLASS AND EXEMPLARY! THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS RATIONING?

Of all the states that--SHOULD--be using E-Verify, is the illegal immigrant sanctuary state of California. Illegal immigration attributed to the near bankruptcy of California and is a prime example of intentionally ignoring immigration laws. The U.S. Census Bureau projections issued in the year 2000, that the United States is precisely on track to have a population of 1.182--BILLION--in the year 2100. So much for future American population is OVERPOPULATION.


PS: Least we forget that Ted Kennedy RIP--NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH--when he promised their would be no more AMNESTIES, after the 1986 immigration reform act?

Todd Andrew Barnett said...

Obviously, you're missing the point, Brittanicus. Kennedy was a vile murderer, liar, thief, cheat, and a hypocrite, not to mention, at least, a fraud.

On top of that, why are you taking the Republican and Democratic sides on "illegal immigration" (despise that term), when it's the government that has created this government-run, government-subsidized, and government-controlled immigration nightmare?

The rest of your post is pure bunk and moronic. You have no idea of what you're talking about, particularly on immigration. But that's a story to be saved for another time.

As for Kennedy, that vile, social engineering collectivist is gone for good. Good riddance to such rubbish! He was anti-freedom, anti-human, and anti-American of the original kind. We don't need such sludge here in our lives.

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