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Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama and Press Secretary Gibbs to Everyone: No to Marijuana Legalization

Raw Story leaked this story about President Obama's answer to the press about his position on the legalization of marijuana during his town hall Q & A event (simply billed as the "Open for Questions Town Hall event"). YouTubers and the American public, as reported by the mainstream "government" media, print media, and blogs like the Huffington Post, were online, asking him questions from his plan to nationalize the banks and mortgage industries to his insane socialized medicine plan. (Here's a New York Times transcript of the event here.)

In response to the questions that 3.5 million people voted on the "Open for Questions" section of the White House website, one user with the username "Green Machine" asked the following question on the site:

Will you consider decriminalizing the recreational/medical use of marijuana(hemp) so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and a multi-billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?

Obama answered the question by issuing the following statist response:

THE PRESIDENT: Three point five million people voted. I have to say that there was one question that was voted on that ranked fairly high and that was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy -- (laughter) -- and job creation. And I don't know what this says about the online audience -- (laughter) -- but I just want -- I don't want people to think that -- this was a fairly popular question; we want to make sure that it was answered. The answer is, no, I don't think that is a good strategy -- (laughter) -- to grow our economy. (Applause) [Emphasis on the "applause" added.]

Here's the video of Obama's response:

Here's White House Press Secretary Robert Gibb's repugnant and sick response to a reporter's question about Obama's position on pot:

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SunflowerPipes said...

I respect Obama he is a talented politician, President Obama seems to posse’s insightful, reasonable judgment on many issues, although in the case of marijuana prohibition laws I find Obama’s choice to answer with mocking humor to be lacking. Smoking marijuana is an easy thing to laugh about, it seems there is something about being stoned that brings a smile to people’s faces, however marijuana prohibition is not a joke. We should not be making jokes as millions of Americans are arrested for being caught on the wrong side of moral politicking, we should not laugh as we spend over 30 billion dollars a year going after Americans for smoking weed, we should not giggle and poke fun as we watch billions of dollars in tax revenue slip through our fingers each year, and should we not be jolly as thousands of people are murdered by cartels profiting from America’s moral hypocrisy. I believe there are profound latent consequences in prohibition that are not even factored in to our assessments of the effects of illegality, such as how we view the rule of law and the role of law enforcement in the community, the divisiveness between users and non users, the stigma of mental shock of incarceration. I say pot prohibition is no joke it has real costs paid for in real lives. Freedom is achieved in a country by placing responsibility in the hands of the citizen and not by the state legally enforcing morality.

Anonymous said...

In Canada, it is legal for MS sufferers (and others with chronic pain issues) to smoke pot for pain control.

Recently a Canadian woman with MS who did smoke POT was DENIED entry top Usa for life because (as the US border lady told her) she is an "admitted drug user".

It is attitudes like this that are killing the US tourism industry, NOT the drug itself.

I dont smoke pot, but I will not visit a dictatorial country that treats free people like criminals.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Barky should start with legalizing crack smoking since he reportedly does have some experience with that. Sure would be nice to see a real birth certificate. At least what he says or does would have some validity and legality to it.

Phishybongwaters said...

A better plan that pushing for legalization would be decriminalization of person use. Things stay the same, cept little jimmy doesn't ruin his life for a joint, he gets a fine.

But they aren't going to hear that one either. I think the real key is pushing for honest and open cannabis medical research. Studies have shown in certain circumstances, the active chemicals in pot can do good things.

It helps cancer and aids patients ease their pain and regain their appetite.

It certain studies it has been shown to shrink cancer tumors in lab mice. It's also shown promise with parkinsons and M.S.

Push for honest and open medical studies and the rest will fall into place.

but understand this. No doctor in his right mind would ever suggest a patient smoke anything. It's bad for you, dangerous and irresponsible.

BUT you can use a vaporizer, cook with cannabis, even purify the chemicals into pills and oils. All of which are not only much better for you, but also give you more of the chemicals than smoking as smoking is wasteful and destroys some of the compounds found in pot.

Anonymous said...

I thought Obama was the "Change" president. So far I have seen nothing but the same from him. Typical hypocritic politician. He smoked pot for years, but now, no, it's too dangerous.

Obama should do what any honest president would do: banish the federal law on Marijuana. This is not making it legal, it is letting the states decide, which is how our government was set up to begin with, but you'd never know with the latest set of characters to run through that office.

President Obama: my opinion of you runs lower every day.

Unknown said...

It is quite clear obama is mearly a pawn. Controlled by those who allowed him to win...Same ole Dictatorship and getting worse every day!
We can still spend BILLIONS $$$ killing innocent people and allow our troops to be killed so that insane corrupt scum can profit from their BLOOD! I remember when LIES to start wars you profited from was TREASON (Much less mass murder) and the penalty was DEATH! This country dosn't follow through on upholding the LAW on torture much less start a new honest look into 9/11!
Nope, its the same ole dictatorship in a once great country as it was when that insane corrupt mass murdering bu$h was in office.
"We the people" will have to fight to regain our rights and we should all start by inforcing our own laws of this land!

Anonymous said...

The government fears the legalization of marijuana because it could have the unintended consequence of evolving the human race.

Anonymous said...

Try doing a year for growing medicinal pot.It is'nt funny.
The Mexican cartels make about half their money on that schwag they send up here. Legalize it and take away their profits. Oh yeah,do'nt violate our 2nd amendment rights. The cartels are'nt buying those mortars,rpgs or heavy machine guns they showed on CNN this morning in our gun stores!

Anonymous said...

This guy thinks the drug war is a funny matter? What a p===k.

King of the Paupers said...

Jct: Obama has been a great disappointment, another dinosaur, on the legalisation of marijuana, the world's safest medicinal plant.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tom remains such a disappointment - Ron Paul would not put up with this foolishness

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? They will never decriminalize their under the table cash cow....

hANOVER fIST said...

Yeah...guess what?

The Mexican drug cartels and the dealers on every street corner think so, too!

You, President Barack Hussein Obama, could END EVERY STREET GANG IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, if you went ahead and legalized drugs.

It's not that I want America to become the land of blissed-out dope fiends...but trust me...Wall Street is crammed with crack heads and ski bums, and I know this absolutely.

Continuing to criminalize narcotics is a condoning of the Military-Industrial-Slave Complex.

Anonymous said...

The way things are now, the drug policies, are exactly the way the "owners" want them to be.

You guys think explaining how prohibition doesn't work is going to sway them?

They WANT the gangs to exist. By giving them a way to earn enough money to support and arm themselves -- through drug sales --the "owners" get more and more chaos and more and more demands for police "protection" -- not that today's police are actually in the job of protecting the people, but enough haven't realized this yet.

The "owners" need to be able to finance their CIA wars, too, and that's all through high-priced drug sales. By keeping production illegal, the CIA can get rid of anyone who might muscle in on its profits.

Or Israel -- virtually all the Ecstacy in the USA is made in Israel, and Israel has major funding requirements for all the crap Mossad is up to these days.

Trying to reason with the politicians is a waste of time. The only thing these morons undersand is that they follow the instructions they're given by their owners or else.

Serve the people? Sure... on a silver platter, to the "owners".

hANOVER fIST said...

Great reference...To Serve Man!

Anyone who doesn't get this YouTube!

You will thank me.

As to "police protection" in religion, life protects those who protect themselves...evidenced here: 27103 - notice that there isn't a single officer in the span of time in which this aborted crime takes place.

AgriProcessors, anyone? That cogent fact is constantly omitted from any mention of the myriad crimes that took place at this kosher facility.

Yes...I'm referring to ecstasy and crystal meth being manufactured at this plant.