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Friday, March 13, 2009

Former BTP At-Large Member Steve Trinward's Clarification on His Resignation

Former At-Large Member Steve Trinward, who resigned from the Boston Tea Party last night, has issued a clarification as to why he relinquished his seat on the BTP National Committee and the Party.

Here's the following explanation he gives for his decision:

This confirms my reasons for resigning; comments below

--- In, "Douglass G." wrote:
> Tom's concerns were addressed here:
> This is why it is important for members of the committee to check both forums at least once each day and before voting on a motion.

Clearly, I should never have allowed myself to be nominated for this spot. I did not realize that the only difference between serving on:

a) the National Committee of a multimillion-dollar political party, with multiple organized state affiliates, a number of elected officials and at least some clue of how to proceed; or

b) the National Committee of a non-money-based, fledgling and grassroots online discussion group, whose primary function seems to be passing resolutions that then disappear into the Internet ether ...

is merely the variety of energy-sink they entail.

Instead of quarterly meetings, requiring travel & hotel & meal costs ... this one requires TIME -- constant monitoring of Yahoo discussion lists, with tiny signal-to-noise ratios -- on the off chance something of substance shows up. ANd it's not enough to monitor the committee discuss list, one has to also play in the chat-pool ...

Sorry, folks! IN a very few months (Bastille Day to be exact) I shall be celebrating the completion of six decades in this cycle of human-form existence ... the last four-plus of which I have spent doing some form of "fighting for liberty" or another. Inasmuch as in doing so, I've tossed aside a lot of potentially lucrative pathways, in order to have the time to devote to that "higher goal" (while being taken for granted (and/or undervalued) by a wide variety of folks within the movement and beyond it? but I won't go there), I'm now scrambling to create enough ongoing and self-sustaining ventures so I may not need to be delivering pizzas when I am 80!

no time to check in every day in case something might be of interest; and even less time to do so without some notation that something pertinent to the "business" of the NC might be found there ...

good luck - Steve

Good riddance to a smug, arrogant jackass who really proved to be worthless on the Committee.

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