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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wayne Allyn Root's 'Hit Piece' Attacks Mary Ruwart Even More on Third Party Watch

Republican-in-Libertarian clothing presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root allegedly writes this claptrap entitled "Anarchism, Age of Consent Laws and the Dallas Accord" for Third Party Watch, in which he continues his slam on true-blue libertarian and LP presidential candidate Mary Ruwart on her position on child pornography (which was the basis for the pumped-up brouhaha surrounding her new campaign).

It's no secret that this is the same creep who called for her to drop out of the LP race and then denies it on TPW.

Here's a big excerpt of his piece from TWP:

Recently a controversy has arisen over statements Mary Ruwart made in her book Short Answers to the Tough Questions regarding the rights children possess. The most salient quote on this subject is found on page 43 in her book:

Children who willingly participate in sexual acts have the right to make that decision as well, even if it’s distasteful to us personally. Some children will make poor choices just as some adults do in smoking and drinking to excess; this is part of life.

And when given an opportunity to clarify her beliefs, Ms. Ruwart recently made it clear that she continues to be opposed to all age-of-consent laws, even in the case of pre-pubescent children. In a May 1, 2008 prepared statement posted on her website she states:

Dr. Ruwart did not elaborate on how predators would be prosecuted without legislation specifying age of consent. In other discussion, she explained to delegates that courts were likely to consider that pre-pubescent children had been coerced, since desire would be absent. The burden of proof would be on the pornography producer or older sex partner to show that coercion, e.g. rape, had not occurred.

One presumes that Ms. Ruwart is referring to a system of private courts in her quote, since she opposes having courts run by the state.

Ms. Ruwart readily admits to being an anarchist, and her beliefs lead her to take a position that is at odds with the vast majority of Americans, as well as with most members of the Libertarian Party.

Before I demonstrate with logic the fallacy of this position, bear with me for a moment while I speak from the heart.

I readily admit my beliefs are colored by my being the father of four young children, whom I love more than life itself. The nature of who I am and the underlying foundation of what I believe drives me to protect and nurture my children. As a parent, when I read Ms. Ruwart’s statements on child porn and the removal of all laws to protect the most innocent and helpless among us, I had a visceral reaction. I became physically ill. And I can guarantee you that my feelings on this topic are not unusual. I am certain that just about every other decent, caring parent in America would have the same gut-level reaction upon hearing this controversy.