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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

John Bolton - Neocon Thug Extraordinaire

Neocon thug extraordinaire John Bolton is anxious to "test the waters" for the nuking the Iranians.

Here's an excerpt of the Daily Telegraph:

John Bolton, America’s ex-ambassador to the United Nations, has called for US air strikes on Iranian camps where insurgents are trained for war in Iraq.

John Bolton was an influential member of President Bush's inner circle
Mr Bolton said that striking Iran would represent a major step towards victory in Iraq. While he acknowledged that the risk of a hostile Iranian response harming American’s overseas interests existed, he said the damage inflicted by Tehran would be 'far higher' if Washington took no action.

'This is a case where the use of military force against a training camp to show the Iranians we’re not going to tolerate this is really the most prudent thing to do,' he said. 'Then the ball would be in Iran’s court to draw the appropriate lesson to stop harming our troops.'

Mr Bolton, an influential former member of President George W Bush’s inner circle, dismissed as 'dead wrong' reported British intelligence conclusions that the US military had overstated the support that Iran was providing to Iraqi fighters.