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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The War Within the LP Has Begun

Third Party Watch publisher and blogger (not to mention former Political Director of the national Libertarian Party) Stephen P. Gordon is exasperated with conservative Republican blogger and American Spectator news columnist/journalist Robert Stacy McCain's coverage of the LP with respect to LP Executive Director Shane Corey's immediate yet praiseworthy resignation that transpired yesterday and the escalating internal war brewing within the confines of the Party.

Gordon took various snippets of comments from posters from the comments section of the TPW blog and unveiled the following commentary with regards to the internal conflict:

I don’t know that mutiny is the correct word to use, as both sides in this debate have been hurling the 'p' word at each other: Purge.

LP co-founder David Nolan: '...Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Shane!'

'Guy Fawkes': 'Prepare for the purging of the anarchists. Three more weeks. Then…. goodbye… and good riddance.'

Todd Andrew Barnett: 'At least ['Guy Fawkes'] admits he’s a poser in the Party, just like his other colleagues.'

'The Democratic Republican': 'The fact that you can’t separate anarchy from libertarianism reveals your ignorance of the wider world around you.'

'Todd Andrew Barnett': 'I do NOT associate with despicable, thuggish pricks such as you, nor do I want to be associated with the likes of you.'

David Nolan: 'Bruce Cohen, you are an ass. You have always been an ass, and you always will be. You routinely misrepresent everyone and everything at every opportunity. Please go join the Republican Party, where your neocon, pro-war views will fit in nicely.'

Timothy West: 'The LP is a hopeless contradiction that cant succeed at anything until one faction or the other totally wipes out the opposition, and it really does not matter which one.'

There was one voice of sanity in the thread. My friend 'paulie' noted: 'Before everyone starts celebrating (or weeping and gnashing their teeth), kindly consider that you may change your opinion once you learn who’ll get the job next (and then see their performance in office).'

I already feel sorry for the next Executive Director, as I know what he or she will be forced to endure.

As Stephan may or may not be aware, I did make the statements that he quoted from me (as they are indicated above), and I stand by them 100 percent. The statements were made against a certain group of collectivists and statists who want to destroy the Libertarian Party (and are doing a very good job at it) and are hell-bent on destroying the entire libertarian movement as well.

However, Gordon is only cherry picking which statements were made and which weren't. There were more statements made in the comment section that highlight the psychotic and disgusting paradigms of the collectivists and the statists infesting the LP, including statements made by individuals such as the Committee for Clarity, Bruce Cohen, Eric Dondero, the Democrat Republican, and Geofrey the Liberator (to name a few). The psychopathic nature of these individuals is undetermined; however, the character assassinations and the ad hominems made by these people underscore one crucial point: these people are not libertarians, even though they are capital 'L' libertarians in the Libertarian Party. They are merely posers and losers who engage in thoughtless juvenile and anti-intellectual statements with nothing to back up anything they say in the long run.

By painting all purists in the Party with a very broad brush (such as saying that all of us are pedophile-supporting, child porn-loving Anarchists), they lose every ounce of their credibility. It's that simple.