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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Tax Protesters vs. the State

Tax protesters in the State of Minnesota bring their "there's-no-law-that-forces-me-to-pay-an-income-tax" case before the state's own court.

Here's an excerpt of the Star Tribune piece that covers tax protester Robert Beale's tax evasion trial:

But the conviction of [Robert] Beale this past week for evading $1.6 million in taxes, conspiracy and fleeing authorities marked what some see as a new chapter in such prosecutions. Like actor Wesley Snipes, who also was recently convicted, but unlike most tax protesters, Beale was wealthy.

'Snipes and Beale probably were worth more money than all the tax protesters in the country combined,' said author J.J. MacNab, who covered the case against Snipes.

MacNab is finishing a book on so-called tax deniers called 'Bombs, Taxes and Red Crayons' (many of them believe the government has no jurisdiction over something signed in red crayon).