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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Government School Lunch Permit, No Teenage Entrepeneurship

The state of Missouri's public "government" school thugs are at it again by suspending a teenage government school student for selling tasty, fresh gourmet sandwiches to his fellow peers. Why? Because the adolescent entrepeneur committed two of the gravest of all government sins: not having a permit and not abiding by health regulations.

Because of the vile, diabolical actions of this putrid state, the student's desire for entrepeneurship may have been eviscerated. It's obvious that the students were buying the teenager's sandwiches because, like most other public "government" schools, the school lunch served at their cafeterias is horrendous and terrible. Moreover, the school district's assault on this student's right to start up his own private enterprise and pursue free market alternatives to the disgusting public "government" school lunches showcases the evils of officious government school bureaucrats who are immune to the forces of the marketplace. It shows that they share an immense contempt for the free market and their loving embrace of socialism, which they have been trying to instill in the minds of so many government school students, past and present.

Additionally, this nonsense that he didn't have a permit is ludicrous, because the cost to actually getting a permit is so prohibitive that the student wouldn't be able to afford it. That cost alone would come out of his profits that an artificial increase in his prices would be incurred. That's anti-consumer and anti-free market as well.

The health code violation is also balderdash. The foods prepared at the public schools aren't exactly up to code and aren't even fresh. Plus, the health and working conditions at these schools are questionable, considering these bureaucrats simply couldn't careless about the quality of their own foods, let alone their own schools.