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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If You Taste the Rainbow, You Will Feel the State's Wrath

A New Haven, Connecticut eighth grade public "government" schooler has landed himself into trouble by the officious government school officials for buying a bag of Skittles from one of his classmates.

Read this disturbing excerpt of a CNN article:

Michael Sheridan was stripped of his title as class vice president, barred from attending an honors student dinner and suspended for a day after buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate.

This situation, like the other recent government school incident, is becoming more and more intolerable each day. So the kid broke the rule, not to mention the fact that he didn't know what the rule was. Big whoop!! Even if he did know the rule, there is no legitimate reason -- not to mention an excuse -- for meting out this kind of punishment to the kid, considering it's too extreme.

Let's remember that this is all because of the idiotic, wicked "zero tolerance" policies that have been put into place in the schools for years. Keep in mind that this policy in question has been on the books since 2003. In the old days, if you were caught with munching on candy, the school officials or the teachers would confiscate your candy and warn you not to pull another stunt like this again. If you repeated the same offense, the punishment would be more severe, but that would have required well over a dozen incidents to warrant a punishment like this.

Thanks to these loopy policies, that's why the schools are experiencing a crisis of untold proportions more than ever. And this latest incident is only the tip of the iceberg. What's next? You'll be expelled for hawking (or even buying) home-made cookies and pastries at the cafeteria and even between and during classes? What about student-made t-shirts, letterman's jackets, and sweatpants showing the school's name? Are those activities grounds for expulsion as well?

It's ok to give out free condoms to encourage students to have safe sex or sign abstinence pledges (which only result in students becoming sexually active in other ways), but it's evil to buy (or even sell) candy or any item that isn't given its seal of approval by the state. How pathetic!