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Saturday, March 8, 2008

California Supreme Court Declares Homeschooling 'Illegal'

The California Supreme Court has formally ruled that homeschooling in the state is illegal, according to both The L.A. Times and The Washington Post.

Considering that's the case, imagine what will happen in a short matter of time: a black-market homeschooling industry in which unsavory educators charge exorbitant prices to their customers and violence in the homeschooling environment brought into existence, thereby causing harm to the children whose natural desire for learning will be destroyed. Perhaps some parents will be forced to send their kids to a government-coddled, government-regulated "private school," or to what the state calls an alternative public "government" school (a tax-funded propaganda learning center for troubled kids and teens). The worst case scenario: the kids being forced back into the government schools, where they will be indoctrinated and subject to more socialist crap (i.e. kooky global warming propaganda, ludicrous abstinence pledges, etc.).