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Saturday, March 8, 2008

California Homeschooling Ban Exaggerated...Sort Of

It turns out that the L.A. Times' recent reporting of the Supreme Court's ruling on homeschooling was blown out of proportion. Well, sort of.

Apparently the paper neglected to mention that parents are still allowed to educate their children at home without state-approved teaching certificates under the state's education code, which makes room for various exemptions to required government school enrollment regulations. As a blog going by the name of Ace of Spaces HQ recently asserted, the parents did, in fact, lose due to the fact that they couldn't support their contention that their kids were enrolled in charter schools and the kids were free to skip classes so that they would be taught at home with little supervision.

Of course, Aces of Spade sided with the court (not to mention the government-propped teacher unions), claiming that, if the parents had done everything in their power to homeschool their children by complying with the state's mandatory regulations, they would have had a case. In other words, in the eyes of The L.A. Times and The Washington Post, the California Supreme Court, the government school unions, and their collectivistic cronies, if the parents in question had played by the state's rules by being more proactive with their kids' education, everything would have been fine and dandy.

Balderdash! Even if the parents had played by the government thugs' rules, the thugs could have -- and most likely would have -- done an about-face on the parents and lobbied to ban homeschooling, all the while pushed for their children's return to the propaganda learning centers that the statist thugs wanted them to have done to begin with. Morever, the state could have easily turned on the parents and imposed a series of mandates on the homeschooling industry or even pursue an outright ban on the schools, regardless of whether the parents complied with the state's rules.

Whatever may have been the case, the point is that the state would have cracked down on the homeschooling industry, just to set an example on the homeschooling families, no matter what its excuse would have been and what the parents would have done.