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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You Know You're A Ron Paul Supporter WHEN...

You’ve given up on putting banners on highway overpasses. Not because you don’t enjoy it, but because the overpass isn’t big enough for the banner anymore.

Your Lawn Gnomes are painted over with Revolution T-shirts.

You schedule your third anniversary dinner between a Meetup group planning meeting and dropping slimjims on windshields at the local high school football game.

You don’t know anything about how to keep score, haven’t the foggiest idea who Earnhart, Gordon, and Martin are, and don’t understand the attraction of watching cars drive around in a really big circle for hours on end…but you still go to the Nascar race, just to cheer for the airplane pulling the Ron Paul for President banner high over the stadium.

You and three friends get together, sneak into Fox News HQ, steal the server password off of Hannity’s desk while his back is turned, rappel into the server room in a scene right out of “Mission Impossible,” hack into their polling software in forty-seven-point-four seconds, and give your phone numbers and home computers permission to vote multiple times–so you can spam the votes and make Ron Paul seem a lot more popular than he really is.

You put a widget in Firefox to allow you to see Ron Paul’s donation numbers in real time.

(Apologies to conservative comic Jeff Foxworthy for butchering his famous stand-up routine.)

(Hat tip to Lew for his hilarious post on this today.)