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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bernard von NotHaus on Glenn Beck: 'What Am I Doing Illegal?'

Here's Bernard von NotHaus talking about the federal government's raid of the Liberty Dollar organization on the Glenn Beck show on CNN.

Beck, as the economically ignorant buffoon he really is, starts the interview by asking von NotHaus why he believes the federal government "is trying to collapse the dollar." Von NotHaus responds by saying that he doesn't believe the government is deliberately collapsing the dollar but notes that, since 1913, our country has had a "strong history" of the devaluation of the U.S. dollar and that, if one studies the history of the dollar since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913 by studying the charts that the Fed has put out, the dollar "has lost 96 percent of its purchasing power" from 1913 to 2001.

Beck, as the economic moron he is, tries to snooker Bernard into admit any wrongdoing on the show by the following statement with a question:

Yes. Now, as I -- as I understand this, you`ve been making the Liberty Dollar. And it`s a barter system, if I understand it right. Where you can buy it and, if you can convince people to take the gold or the silver at the face value, they`ll barter for it. What is the problem of the federal government with you doing this?

Von NotHaus, doing an awesome job of keeping himself calm, answers with the following response:

That`s what we got -- that`s what we`re asking the federal government. I mean, the U.S. Mint posted this warning a year and a half ago, saying that what we were doing was illegal. And we said, "No, it isn`t illegal." You know? And then they didn`t take any action after that, Glenn.

And so what`s a poor boy to do? But I sued the government because I want them to tell me what am I doing illegal?

Then, Beck shots back with the following:

OK. Let me play devil`s advocate with you. Because you know, there are a lot of people in the crazy tree here on the government is going to collapse and, you know, whatever. And from time to time, you know, I get into the shade of that crazy tree myself.

But the -- the government is -- is saying that you are trying to compete with our own currency, that you are trying to fool people into thinking that this is U.S. currency. And quite honestly, if I looked at that -- can we show that again? If I looked at that with the Statue of Liberty, and it says "Liberty" and "USA" on the bottom and then "trust in God," not "in God we trust," it does look like a -- a U.S. minted coin.

Bernard defends the Liberty Dollar, saying, "I beg to differ with you, Glenn. Similitude is what you`re alluding to there. And it is not in violation of any of the similitude statutes at all."

Of course, Beck shot back, saying that he believed that the printing of "similar" money warranted a jail sentence, but von NotHaus corrected him, saying that he and his group had been printing their own money "for ten years." Not only that, he denied that his company had been "fooling people" into thinking that they were minting and printing U.S. currency, considering that the money had been marketed on the fact that it is not government-issued money.

Kudos to Bernard von NotHaus for educating the masses about the Liberty Dollar. Meanwhile, shame on Glenn Beck for trying to take political potshots at an entrepreneur who believes in a gold-and-silver backed, inflation-proof monetary system - a system that he used as the basis for his Liberty Dollar organization.

Despite the smears that Beck tried to throw in there, it didn't work. Von NotHaus did a great job, and he is a patriot to every liberty-loving American who wants to abolish the Fed and restore the gold standard.