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Friday, November 23, 2007

Remember to Eat Responsibly

While my mother, my father, and I were in their old '95 Ford Explorer heading out to my brother's house for dinner on Thanksgiving Day, my mother mentioned to me and my dad that she had seen on the news on TV about the experts on the networks (Clinton News Network, False News, etc.) who were "asking" the American people to "be sure to eat responsibly." I rolled my eyes, thinking that this is nothing more than Nanny State talking coming from the establishment talking heads who have nothing better to do than to nag people about their eating habits on Turkey Day.

When we got to my brother's house, my mother mentioned it to my brother, who (he's sort of a libertarian Republican) responded, "That's the government telling you that they know what's best for you." Then he said that they first started doing it to people by passing these drinking laws, then these seat belt laws in the state, etc. Now, he said, they want to tell you what you can and cannot eat.

My brother is right. The government has gotten out of control. My mother, who is a big defender of the state, will support anything the state does. However, imagine her change in attitude if the state came after her. Then she'll realize that I was right about the state all along.

Remember, these are the same knuckleheads who have, many times in the past, told us to "drink responsibly." What's next? "Breathe responsibly"? "Walk responsibly"? "Sit responsibly"?


Silent Vampyre said...

Hmmm... How about "govern responsibly" you pigs!