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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Facts on Congressman Ron Paul

The Facts, a newspaper in Ron Paul's congressional district, has, since Paul's first foray into congressional politics, been -- if not terribly hostile -- very unfriendly to him.

The paper, as of recent late, has done an about-face for the most part by showcasing its support for him, considering it has been keeping a close eye on him for years.

It's an honorable thing for the paper to change its mind on the good Dr. Paul. After all, Ron speaks the truth about the issues. He sticks to his guns and has always and consistently voted in favor of principle over politics. The paper and its allies know that he can't be bought, not even by special interest groups who want to expand the size, cost, and scope of government.

It also shows that Ron means what he says. After all, given his clearly-consistent voting record, he is FOR constitutional government, unlike the other lame presidential contenders who pay lip service to freedom and consistently vote to kill it.