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Monday, November 19, 2007

Prince George County Judge to Parents: Vaccinate Your Kids in Court or Go to Jail

A Prince George County judge in Maryland coerces parents to either appear in his courtroom for school vaccinations or risk a 10-day jail sentence.

It is THIS reason that the state of the American family is in utter decline, because of the state's never-ending, ruthless anti-family, anti-parent interventions, which are a significant contributing factor to the cultural, moral, and ethical decline of our society. Collectivistic, social-engineering-loving Republicans who claim to be pro-family values, pro-parent, and pro-moral values have, for the longest time, stood in the way of parental rights and parents' right to control their children's education and health care. They talk a good game, but they don't measure up to their claims at the end of the day.

The same goes for the collectivistic, social-engineering-loving Democrats, except that, for decades, they have been for the welfare state and its destructive force against parents and their right to raise and educate their children and control their children's health. At least they never had to hide behind the "free market" rhetoric like the Republicans do.

This is one more reason on top of a plethora of reasons to abolish the state and its utopian and fascistic practices. Any socialist/fascist who argues against this point and urges the state to move forward and continue its coordinated efforts to undermine parents and their families must be exposed, no matter the costs.

(Thanks to Tom Knapp's Rational Review News Digest for providing a link to this piece.)