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Monday, November 19, 2007

Boston police wanting to search teens bedrooms

Would you allow police to come into you house and search your child's room for guns?

The Boston Herald has reported that parents in the higher crime areas of Boston want police to be allowed to search their teens rooms for guns. (Not with a warrant but with the parents permission.) This procedure was requested by
BPD Commissioner Edward Davis and Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley due to a lot of interest of activists and the family of a 13 year old boy who was killed by gang gunfire.

The boys mother, Kim Odom is very thankful for this program. Now, as a parent, I kind of understand her wanting this program put in place but I feel this is just another step in the "Policed States of America". I can only imagine what it would be like to lose a child but from an outsiders perspective, this plan is a terrible thing.

The idea is that police will ask to search a child's room based on reports from the child's school and/or schoolmates. Now, more than likely they will come to the "suspected" child's house and say something on the line of "I'm gonna have to ask you to let us search your child's room." The problem with this is that many people will take this as not asking, but ordering. That isn't so. If they had the right to come in, they wouldn't ask to come in, they would show you a warrant and just come in.

At first glance, it may look like a good idea as long as they are asking. Well, I strongly disagree! Once you give police permission to come into your home anything they see or find is fair game. Anything they see that is contraband or any other things that maybe you shouldn't have will give them the right to cease and then charge you for. Yeah, I know some of you are saying "Well, if you don't have anything to hide......" That's bull! There could be something in your home you didn't know was there and if they find it, you're screwed! Wake up, sheeple! You are being lied to and mislead by your government. This country is continually giving up its personal rights.

If you think your child's room should be searched then be a damn parent and do it yourself.


Todd Andrew Barnett said...

Silent, the disturbing part of all this is that most cops can and will use every means at their disposal to talk most parents into searching EVERY room in their homes, not just their children's room.

Unfortunately, too many parents will easily submit to the wishes of the state -- via the cops -- for fear of having their children taken away and/or getting arrested, so they allow the state to come in and search their premises in the name conducting their investigations.

You're absolutely right that it's fair game once the officers step foot into the house and find anything they suspect is illegal. The problem is that too many parents will submit to the will of the state and let them do whatever they think is necessary to secure arrests and meet the quotas of the state.

Silent Vampyre said...

I couldn't agree more, Todd.