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Monday, July 23, 2007

A Ron Paul Addict Rethinks Her Support for Paul

A Ron Paul addict, who goes by the name of Rachel on, is "rethinking" her support for Ron Paul. Of course, this is the same former addict who goes on about why she believes Ron should not be president, largely because of his infamous "Dr. No" nickname that he's earned during his congressional tenure.

Something tells me that something -- or someone -- got to Rachel shortly after she praised Ron Paul on the site. And my bet is that someone on either of the three major GOP campaigns (Giuliani, Romney, or McCain) scared her off. And I bet it was someone from Giuliani's campaign staff who got in contact with her and convinced her not to support Paul.

It's either that or this gal is simply making a huge mistake to not support Paul. Either way, something is fishy here.

Apparently, I was completely off, considering I didn't watch all of the entire video. (I only watched maybe 30 seconds of it.) Rachel was actually joking at the end of it, saying that she was only kidding and that she still supports Paul. I'm glad to know that she was joking about it. It teaches me to view something completely before I opine about it.


Stephan Kinsella said...

dude--you can tell she's being sarcastic and joking about 5-10 seconds in. You don't need her to tell you that at the end.

your conspiratoid theorizing is symptomatic of an unfortunate unhinged wing of our movement.