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Monday, July 23, 2007

Ford and UAW Open Union Contract Negotiations in Dearborn

The protectionistic automotive industry and its Big Union hacks, who favor more protections, more subsidies, and more monstruously expensive wages and benefits packages, continues unabated, despite the War Party and its statist hacks claiming that the economy is turning around for the better.

According to today's online edition of the Detroit Free Press, the Ford Motor Company and its union-protected employees, who are represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW), met with each other before 1 p.m. to begin discussing its contract negotiations at Ford's headquarters in Dearborn today. Company chairman Bill Ford and chief Alan Mullaly met with UAW's execs Ron Gettelfinger and Bob King to launch the negotiations followed by a round of handshakes with one another.

Apparently the dying automaker, while trying to implement its unconvincing, unworkable Way Forward game plan, has lost over a record $12.6 billion last year. This recently-enacted plan is supposed to close 16 plants, which would dump 44,000 hourly and salaried jobs, not to mention retooling its line of cars and trucks.

These negotiations are purportedly designed to talk the UAW into accepting hourly wage labor cost cuts as much as by $21 an hour. The paper is saying that it could pare down the company's wage and benefits to about $50 an hour.

Another example of an inefficient automaker that's desperate to save its jobs and union employees at the expense of its customers. Have these employees considered the possibility that Ford CANNOT be saved, simply because the business isn't as profitable as it used to be and has failed to produce for its customers while hiking production, labor, and other costs for its own union-protected employees at the expense of their customers?

They are merely delaying the inevitable. Nothing can save Ford from its fiscal malfeasance. The only sound thing for Ford and its employees to do is to call it quits and file for bankruptcy.


PongGod said...

OMG, how can those poor laborers get by on less than $70/hour?

Hey, I know - let's lobby Congress to raising the MINIMUM WAGE to $70/hour so those evil cheapskates at Ford will be FORCED to pay these people a fair wage. It's a win-win situation!