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Friday, December 3, 2010

WikiLeaks Looks to Swedish ISP BahnHof to Host Its Site After More Denial-of-Service, Political, and Ideological Attacks

WikiLeaks, which was recently dropped by after Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) called the online retailer's offices with tacit threats and demands to know the exact rapport of the "terrorist organization" and issued a press release stating that the government would be pursuing Amazon even as it had severed its ties to the group, has been switched to a Swedish server last night. (The New York Times provides more coverage on this as well.)

After a reported "denial-of-service" attacks and a series of political and ideological attacks aimed at the stateless group, the website's DNS host kicked the site off of its servers by killing its domain last night, thereby enabling WikiLeaks to post an update tweet on its Twitter page, in which it states:

WikiLeaks,org domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks KEEP US STRONG
about 11 hours ago via web
Retweeted by 100+ people

(By the way, the French government, in a letter dispatched to Reuters, is looking to coerce French ISP hosts from hosting WL, considering the organization had its site hosted partially by French enterprise OVH.)

Because of these attacks, WikiLeaks is now up and running again via Swedish internet service provider (ISP) Bahnhof that employs the Internet country code top-level domain .ch, which enables WL to host it on their servers. thus making it very complicated for the U.S. federal government to attack the site because of the fact that it's no longer being hosted on any server on American soil. (When a Web surfer goes to the site, the URL will show up as That number in the URL is actually the website's actual assigned IP address that serve as a cyber "telephone number" to WL's DNS host and its servers, allowing the Web surfer to access the organziation's site. (The IP addy is mainly represented by the hostname of the site, which is, in this case,

Perhaps the statists in the U.S. federal government haven't figured out (or perhaps they have!) that WL is now operating its site via an ISP that operates out of a former bomb shelter - an ultra-secure location - in Sweden's Pionen White Mountains. How they are going to shut the website down after having moved to its server there is beyond me. But one thing is certain: WL isn't going away.

Not now and not in the forseeable future.

Here's a YouTube of Jon Karlung, CEO of BahnHof, describing the construction of the facility as "the heart of civil defense of Sweden":

[H/T to the L.A. Times for providing the YouTube video.]