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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ed Begley Jr: Enviro-Whacko Extraordinaire

Radical leftist enviro-wacko Ed Begley, Jr., who is a prominent leader in the Green movement that has been pushing this faux Global Warming (more like Global Cooling) racket for years, appeared in a November 24 interview with Stuart Varney on Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto. During the 4 minute and 23 second pissing contest on the air, Begley Jr. goes off his rocker on the show, arguing with Varney about the validity of the Global Warming theory (which has been the heart of ClimateGate). This nutjob (not to mention a hack of an actor) begins spewing his pro-big government, pro-state, loopy propaganda with his opening line that states the following, "I think the science is very clear on Global Warming." He keeps spouting the lines, "Peer reviewed studies. Those are the key words, Stuart." Then he claims, "Peer reviewed studies are the key words." He keeps chanting those words religiously as though he were citing chapter and verse from his Green Holy Bible.

At one point during his fightfest with Varney, this numbskull has the gall to say that one "can be skeptical but not a denier" about GW. When Varney calls him out on whether the debate on the issue "is over," Begley, Jr. does his best to dodge Varney's question by saying, "The debate is clear. It's out in the scientific community. Read peer reviewed studies. That's all you need to do. Don't get it from you or me."

This cretin doesn't fathom the fact that "peer reviewed studies" are often subject to subjective and erroneous conclusions, especially when the "data" surrounding this "apocalyptic phenomenon" is faulty, unreliable, inconclusive, and prone to misinterpretation. Moreover, there is no global temperature, as temperatures are measured regionally and locally. Climatology is NOT an exact science and prone to mistakes.

Not only that, where has this moron gotten his degree? What makes him qualified to make "objective" scientific fact gathering? What degree does he have? What subjects in college did he ever study? Botany? Biology? Chemistry? Earth science? I don't profess to be an expert on these matters myself, but I don't need a Ph.D. in science or any of the other sciences I mentioned to know that what Begley, Jr. has said is nonsense. What utter claptrap!

I remember him back in the mid 1990s, spouting this crap when he was a guest on America Online's chat room where paid AOL members were allowed to come into the room and ask celebrities like him some questions. If your question was hand picked by the AOL crew, it would read on the air. Begley, Jr. was on one night (his AOL nickname at the time was FoodFarmer; it's no longer active), and he was spewing his nonsensical drivel down the audience's throat. I wondered how the people could really buy into half of what he was throwing out there. (One paid AOL'er challenged his Green beliefs in the AOL chat room, but Begley Jr. shot him down in a rude fashion and was quite obnoxious about it as I recall.)

[H/T to Karen DeCoster on Lew Rockwell's blog.]

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